“”Pres. Obama: Yeah, what “Teddy” said!!!””


This stuff just keeps getting more and more exciting…   Let me start off by saying that President Obama was right on with his speach to the Union tonight… 

Par Excellence!!!

All I can say is, “yeah, what “Teddy” said, Speak softly and carry a big stick…”  And Mr. President, please don’t be afraid to use it…  It has been far too long since this government has been held accountable for their actions…  It is high time that, “we the people” can trust in our government again…  And most importantly, it is high time that a president is not more accountable to congress than to “we the people…”  


This is some exciting stuff…  Culturally speaking, Teddy had to use this approach in order to stimulate the leaders of this nation be accountable and Mr. President the same will be your task…  Give when you can and take when it is necessary, but most importantly keep it real with “we the people…” 

I have been greatly hurt by this economical mess Bush has gotten us into, therefore I have had enough of “them against us politics…”   Our constitution start off with “we…”   This seems to be something that our leaders have forgotten…  Thank you Mr. President for reminding them…  Now we the people are counting on you to hold them ruthlessly accountable to US(A)… 

I am sure, Mr. President,  there are those that don’t think you are going down the right road, but (first big but in the room) stay true to your course…  Keep the wind to your back and sun in your face…  Don’t let them see you flinch…  We chose you because “we the people” are depending on you to stand up for US(A)…

Do you feel like I do???  Let me hear you say yeah, yeah, yeah yes we can… 

To change the subject just a little, “Culture, culture, culture…”  We need to get back to the thing that made us proud to be an American, “Culture!!!”  It is the little people that suffer the most from the lack of culture…  Culture is not black or white…  It is not rich or poor…  It is not of any class…  Culture is simple an ideology that says we are the same…  We the people need culture to give us a reason to dream and believe…  It is these dreams and beliefs that keep US(A) strong as a nation…  So Mr. President, “Culture, culture, culture… 

“”Pres. Obama: Yeah, what “Teddy” said!!!””


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