“Pres. Obama: These Abuses of Power must Stop???”


This stuff just keeps getting more and more exciting everyday…

Let me start this post off by saying, “we the people are not going to settle for less than the best from those that govern us.” Now that said, please allow me to give props to the Davis family of Fayetteville NC for their successful march on the 21 February to bring light to the unjust shooting of “K-Roc”, their loved one…

It is up to us to keep this shooting in the light in order to bring justice in this matter…  We as a nation have seen our Law Enforcement Officers  going renegade everyday committing violent act toward our citizens and this must stop…  I could go there and say toward our black citizens, but (first big political but in the room) we are not a black america or a white america; we are the United States of America…

Do you feel me???  I know you do…  The video that follows is just another example of a renegade police officer gone wild…   These incidents must stop before we become a nation of disfunctional peoples…


As you can see in this video, this police officer was not in any danger or was not threatened in anyway…  And if anyone thinks that words should have provoked this type of outrage then someone needs anger management councelling…  Dahhhhhhhhhh!!!  Can you imagine if the video camera was not there what would have come of this case…  I will tell you, “Nothing!!!”

Just like in the “K-Roc” shooting, if there had not been the one witness that stood firm on his testimony, this case would be closed and forgotten…  The Davis family has vowed to not let this injustice go unanswered in this “Slave selling Market house city…”

It is the hurts and pains of  good  people that will continue to “cry out loud” until they are heard…  So Mr Pres. Obama, we the people will not be denied… 

“No justice, No peace!!!”

It is time for US(A) to be heard with all the others who are hurting because of so called officers of the peace gone wild…  

I hope you can feel me…   

“Pres. Obama: These Abuses of Power must Stop???”


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