“Pres. Obama: Keep the Party Going!!!”


This stuff just keeps getting better and better everyday…  Culturally Speaking, this nation is at the same place in time as it was a century ago…  Yes the players have changed and the landscape looks a little different but (big depression eve but in the room) the same place yet the same…  Now the question today is are “we the people” as strong and as resilient as “we the people” a century ago???   The answer to that question remains to be seen but (another big thank God for Pres. Obama but in the room) one thing is for sure our new Pres. is up for the challenge…  Pres. Obama is the product of what make us American…  So “we the people” must take a lead from our new Pres. and “Keep the Party Going!!!”


Yes, ladies and gentlemen it is time to “Party!!!”  OK, I know some of you are saying what is this nut talking about???  Well please allow me to explain…  Check it!!!    It seems to me that the Pres. has the right idea; that in these tough times we should seek enjoyment and laughter in a party to get us through it…  “Yes, we can” overcome all that is going on in time with joy and laughter…  We must bring back the big dinner parties where the haves employ the have-nots to serve them with food, drink, and entertainment…  And then we will all have and enjoy the party at the same time…  My mother use to serve the doctors and lawyers in our small town and I will never forget the treats of  food and laughter she would bring home to US(A)…  Some might look at this as a negative thing but (big we had nothing but in the room) to her it was not a hand out instead a hand up…  Along with her small job and these part time service jobs she was able to send six out of her seven kids to college…  So Mr. Pres., “Keep the party going!!!” 

These parties are a benefit to all involved…  We can dance ourselves out of this mess…  The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that even though unemployment is high, the majority of US(A) are working (92%)…  http://www.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.nr0.htm   Therefore, “keep the party going!!!”  Why are we concentrating on the bad times, even though times are bad, but(big enough with the bad stuff but in the room) if we think positive, we can dance our way out of this mess…  Hey, no-one expected a little known senator from Illinois to dance his way into the white house, but (big dancing Pres. Obama but in the room) he did… 


Need I say more…   OK, I have often read that when “Ms O” is happy she dance around her living room… Now that is probably a ballroom size living room so I am sure she gets a work out…  Wow… Either way, dancing is good for you and when times are hard, some good music (preferably live) is just what the Doctor (Ask Dr. Phil) ordered… 

Just check out the dances from the early 1900s in this nation; Ragtime, The Tango, and the Foxtrot to name a few…  Now that is a lot of  “Big Bands” performing every night of  the week…  If that aint stimulus, then I don’t know what is…  And besides it is time for some joy and laughter that come when people are dancing, drinking, and eating…  There you have it… 

Ain’t this some good stuff or what???

“Do you feel like I do???”

“Do you???”

“Then let me hear you say,

“Yeah, Yeah, Yes we can!!!””

“Pres. Obama: Keep the Party Going!!!”


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