“Pres. Obama: What does the “First Lady” and the “Fayetteville Market House” have in common???”


Is this some good stuff or what??? 

I am out of town (Fay-Town) on business therefore was delighted to watch the reports of the First Lady’s visit on CNN.    Wow the first lady is a Black Woman.  Another big wow, she is visiting this market house city, Fayetteville NC.  As must as  I love Mrs. Obama, I believe she missed a golden opportunity to lay to rest the stigma that hangs over the Market House where our ancestors were sold as cattle.  Can you picture the First Lady of the United States of America, a “BLack Woman” visiting the Market House and standing where countless numbers of her ancestors stood waiting to be sold. 


Now that would have been a picture.  I don’t know why she did not address this city from the symbol of her recognition.   I do agree that Fayetteville has always supported the troops, but (another big but in the room) the troops have always been the biggest support for Fayetteville.    I applaud the First Lady’s efforts to bring attention to the plight of military families on Fort Bragg.  I believe that this is one of the areas that last administration greatly neglected.   I know that the First Lady’s visit was designed as a photo op, but (a big we all know but in the room) we all know that these photo-ops are the foundation to change.  Therefore how much better would it have been for her to make a statement from the steps of the Market House!!!  How audacious that would have been???   Ok, maybe I am a little bias because I am a black man that lives in the shadows of the history of the Market House and since the physical structure will not be torn down, I believe the curse could have been broken by the First Lady’s visit…

Culturally Speaking, First Ladies have always been able to cross cultural lines without any retaliation or harsh judgment.  The likes of Mrs FDR used her position  to integrate the air corp and to champion women rights.   If First Lady Obama is to be effective, she will have to take difficult positions and draw attention to them…  As a black woman, she know the plight our ancestors suffered that she might have the opportunity to be in her position…  Now I believe it is high time that their sacrifices be  recognized…  Sometimes ones position causes her/him to do as Lady Di, walk through mine fields…  Wow!!!

For what it is worth, that is my two cents worth…  Need I say more???   I didn’t think so…  I hope you can feel me…

Ok now this is just wishful thinking so now what???   Hopefully the First Lady’s visit will promote a new awareness to  PTSD that soldiers of all wars  are suffering from. 


“Pres. Obama: What does the “First Lady” and the “Fayetteville Market House” have in common???”


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