“Pres. Obama: “What does a gay guy have in common with Patton???””



This is some exciting stuff…

Lets get right at it…

Culturally speaking, gay guys  are Americans with an alternative lifestyle. That said, I believe that gays have been in the military since its conception and have served in every conflict this country has ever been involved in. I believe gays have served honorably and courageously. Service in the military has less to do with one sexual orientation than it does with ones commitment to their country.   As you have said in a speech Mr Pres., this is not a black America or a white America or may I add, a gay or straight America;  but (big I totally agree but in the room) this is the United States of America.  We that serve in the military, come from all walks of life therefore I believe that gays have just as much of a right to serve as anyone else…

Now the issue at hand is whether or not they can serve openly.   As a former officer, I can say most affirmatively,  that gays have served gallantly  hiding in plain sight…   I as well as everyone in the units knew who the gay guys were…  In uniform, these men and women are some of the best soldiers in the service…  I have never had a problem with a gay soldier in anyway…  What these guys did on their off time or who they slept with was not any of my business; only what they did in uniform… Now the question is: “will anything change if these gay guys can service out in the open…”  I believe ones sexual orientation is like their religious preference; personal…  I believe a soldier is first a soldier then everything else…  Therefore a soldier’s duty comes before anything else…   The problems that could occur with a gay soldier are very similar to problems that exist between heterosexual soldiers.  I believe they should be handle the same way… No one in the military has ever asked me whether or not I was gay or black for that matter… And for those of you who don’t already know, I am not gay but I am black…


Do you feel me???


I have had more problems with gays outside the military than I have ever had within the military… I believe this is true because military personnel are trained professionals and non-military personnel are often times not… Instead of going through the entire incident again I will simply quote the email of complaint I sent the hotel I stayed and the place where this very unprofessional gay guy works… It is a little long but I think you will get my meaning after you read it: 

To:  A major hotel chain in the Greensboro Area…-

I have a complaint about one of your employees whose behavior was unbecoming and very unprofessional during my two recent stays at your hotel. This employee also did not provide me with equal service as other guest. The employee in question is a black male name E___ that works the desk. E___ seemed to be a person with an alternative lifestyle. I have stayed in your hotel for two different stays in the city. I shared a room with my significant other that was in the city on business.

-The problem began during our first stay on February 25 – 27, 2009 when my significant other brought to my attention that E___ seems to be homosexualand was paying me a lot of attention. I am not homophobic and certainly not homosexual therefore I dismissed this charge out right. My significant other noticed E___’s unsolicited attention on several occasions and would ask me what was going on with him. I am a strait 49 year old professional black male therefore being the professional bigger man here, I again dismissed any attention from this particular person even though it was beginning to annoy me.

-This situation really became a problem when we return to your establishment for the second part of our business trip from March 10 – 13, 2009. My significant other made the comment again about E___’s unsolicited attention which began to bother us both. I had decided to ignore E___ because at best I would only see him in the morning when getting breakfast.

-On Wednesday March 11, 2009 E___’s unsolicited attention started to become a really serious problem. At breakfast that morning E___ came over to the coffee area and addressed me directly. I did not see any reason this man had to come over to this area at the exact time I was there and say anything to me but again I tried to just ignore him. I saw him several times that day but again I just tried to ignore him.

-On Thursday March 12, 2009 my business in the city usually lasted until about noon therefore I came back to the hotel. Strangely enough my key did not work which meant I had to go to the front desk to get a new one. How strange is that and again there is E___. I again chose to be professional and call this situation merely coincidental except for the fact that my significant others key worked without a problem. After getting my key my next surprise was that our room was the only room on the floor that had not been cleaned. Here again this meant that I had to call the desk and talk to E___. Of course, he made up some type of excuse then asked, “If there was anything else I needed?” Keeping it very professional, I simply replied, “no!” Again why was I having all these problems that involved E___ and it appeared no one else was?

-At that point I decided to change my routine to see if this guy (E___) was deliberately targeting me for conversation (which is repulsive to me). I told my significant other about the happenings of the day and she made the comment that she believed E___ liked me. I was quite annoyed by this statement but I did not want to throw him (E___) under the bus until I really knew that he was deliberately tracking my movement around the hotel which is a very serious issue if not criminal to me.

– Therefore on Friday morning March 13, 2009 I came down stairs as usual around 0630 am but this time instead of going right from the elevator to the breakfast area, I decided to see if E___ was targeting me so I went to the restroom which is right there near the elevator instead. I was in the restroom for approximately five minutes and to my surprise E___ was standing right outside the restroom door when I came out of the restroom. I could not believe it. This guy (E___) was actually following me. There could not be any other reason for him to know exactly when I came down and stand outside the restroom door while I am in there.

-This actually made me mad because it proved what we believed was happening was actually happening. We had to get out early to take care of our business therefore I did not get to see his manager but as a member of trip rewards myself I knew how to make this complaint on line.

I am appalled that you have a person which is so unprofessional working with your establishment. I believe that E___ should be hoarsely reprimanded if not terminated. I am going to seek proper counselling for this incident and talk with law enforcement because I feel violated. I am now wondering whether or not E___ had an illegal camera in our room. I am highly upset and discussed about the nature of this entire incident and will follow it up with law enforcement and other appropriate agencies until I feel I have been vindicated.

-I am J___ J_____ and my significant other is P__ J____.

We were in Room 415 on February 25 – 27, 2009 and Room 500 on March 10 -13, 2009.

My Trip rewards number is #

Thank you for your immediate response to my concerns…


There you have it… I hope you can see the differences here with the civilian gay guy and those that are in the military; discipline and professionalism… Military people have a strong since of responsibility and respect for their fellow soldiers. This gay guy at this hotel is a loose cannon who needs to be reprimanded strongly… For this fact, I believe that whether gays serve openly or in don’t ask don’t tell status, I believe they should  be able to  serve proudly…


Ain’t this some good stuff or what???

 Before I go, please allow me to make a comment about all these poor black men shootings around the nation.  The latest one happened in Homer Louisiana, of a 73 years unarmed black man by two white officers.   Now a familiar name came up during the CNN report,  Federal Attorney of the western

district of Louisiana Donald  Washington of the Jena six saga…   I hope Mr. Washington does the right thing in this case for justice this time around…   Iam sure several of you remember the Youtube video playing from the Jena six situation…
Only time will tell will tell if  Mr.  Washington has developed the moral character to stand up and do the right thing this time around… 
We the people  will not be denied this time…

“We will be watching and will be waiting.”

 Do you feel me???

 I hope so…

“Pres. Obama: “What does a gay guy have in common with Patton???””


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  1. Great site this culturallyconscious.wordpress.com and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

  2. terrific site this culturallyconscious.wordpress.com rated to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

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