“Pres. Obama: The Audacity of Reciprocity!!!”


Ain’t this some good stuff or what???   Let me start by saying, “what’s up with all this sugar and spice not being so nice???”  LOL!!!  Who said, “girls are so sweet must have been gasping for air when they watched the “next top model” brawl this weekend…”  I have always said, “the model this society has for girls and boys is out dated…” 

“Girls are and can be just as bad as boys…”  

Culturally speaking, I believe this has to do with the imbalance of  the number of  boys (men) to girls (women) in our society…   This is a matter that no one is really paying any attention too…  I believe since World War II, this has been a growing problem with no end in sight…  Therefore a girl child born today face more and more competition in search of a suitable mate…  I believe this causes girls to take on the “survival of the fittest mentality…”   The is psychological effects of this mentality causes girls (women) to entertain many different options for happiness in their life here in America, ie. an alternative lifestyle, reclusivenes, and communing…   A a result, I have notice a lot more girls (women) who  date the same sex…  I have talked to several women about this very situation…  I asked them why they date women???   I expected them to say it is because I am gay or something of that nature but (big what do I know but in the room) to my surprise over half of them say, “it is because there are not enough men to go around… ” 


As a soon to be fifty year old black male, I have never experienced a situation where they was a shortage of  the opposite sex…   Wow…  This really hit me hard…  Therefore girls (women) become very competitive about everything…  They compete for attention, position, time, romance, and the list goes on and on…  This mentality spills over into every area of their life…  I have also noticed that age and race has very little to do with it…   In America because marriage is defined as a one man and one woman relationship, they have no choice but to compete…   

With women living a lot longer than men and the fact that fifty is the new thirty, I fear we as a people are going to have a “gender revolution” in the very near future…  Yes, a gender revolution which will force us as a nation to rethink out definition of marriage…  I know what you are saying, “he is talking about men marrying men and women marrying women…”  Yes some of that might happen but (big a lot of women and few men but in the room) for the most part women will be force to decide what the global model of marriage will look like…   Wow…  Is that deep or what…  I often ask women a question that gets many different responses which causes women to realize this is a very serious situation…  The question is, “what happens if  the only people left on the planet were 100 men and one woman???  Then what would happen if the only people left on the planet were 100 women and one man???  Most agree that the first question is really hypothetical and the second question is almost a reality already…   Their answers vary but (big enlightened moment but in the room) for the most part it dawns on them that short of sharing,  many of them will never marry a man and have the today model family… 

Scary, huhhhhhhhhhhhhh???  Well needles to say, the scene outside the “Top Model audition” could become more common than not…

Wow…  Just food for thought….

Okay, lets get back to the post for today… 

Right now we are facing some really hard times as a nation…   We must dig down deep into our arsenal of  strategies to come up with an effective solution to solve this problem…   Well, when one looks for something true and sure, one must think old…   The oldest written document on the planet is the bible therefore there should be something there that can help us out…   Since we are not all Christians hopefully we can find a principle that applies across the board…  You know I found one…  There is a principle or proverb that can be found in practically every organized religion on the planet…  It is the principle of the “Good Samaritan!!!”   Most of you know the story about how this man was injured and laying in the street…  Several people passed by him not rendering any assistance but (great big do the right thing golden rule in the room) one good Samaritan stopped to render the man assistance…  This practice in our society is called the “Golden Rule…” 

The “Golden Rule” says,  “do unto other as you would have them do unto you…” 


In order for we as a nation to overcome this mess that we find ourselves in, we must began to practice this rule…   The principle is found in many religions like Buddhism, Baha’i Faith, Confucianism, Hinduism, and Islam; to name a few…   No one is saying that we are to give all we have to our neighbor but (big be good Samaritan but in the room) those that have should right now get actively involved to help someone through these trying times…  Statistics say that there are only approximately 10 % of the population is unemployed therefore several more are employed…  If the employed reach out to the homeless and unemployed then we as a people will be out of this mess…


Need I say more???

I did not think so…  Do you feel me???  I hope you do…

“Pres. Obama: The Audacity of Reciprocity!!!”




One Response to ““Pres. Obama: The Audacity of Reciprocity!!!””

  1. I think that it is a very interesting and amusing article. Practically all its main points are true.

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