“Pres. Obama: “The Pride of Westminster!!!””


Is this stuff exciting or what??? Check it; Culturally Speaking President Obama’s trip to London gives credence to this 18th century quote:

“Let it no longer be said by half informed philosophers and superficial investigators of human nature, that negers, as they are vulgarly called, are inferior to the white nation in mental abilities.”

Reviewer of Sancho’s ‘Letters’


What can I say???
For the first time since beginning of the spreading of the African Slave throughout the Diaspora, has a black man been welcomed to the land of his oppressors with such pomp and circumstance as now… President Obama is the pride of all peoples of all colours… Therefore as President Obama is greeted by Queen Elizabeth, we shall all experience the death and birth of an Era…
A time when the black man was considered less than a man to a time where the black man is known to be as all men, “God’s image; just in Ebony… ”

It is no surprise that this day would come. It has been spoken of since the beginning of time… It is the true cycle of man’s existence… It is the self fulfilling prophecy that was spoken of by our ancestors; that one day a black man will be received by Kings and Queens as a great leader. His very presence will speak for him… He shall be known as the “Mender of Transgressions!!!”


This is some really exciting stuff…
Do you feel me???
I hope you do…

“Pres. Obama: “The Pride of Westminster!!!””


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