“Pres. Obama: “All that and a bag of Chips!!!””


This stuff just keeps getting more and more exciting… It has been a very exciting week with the President and the First Lady in Europe…   It was very good to see the image of the United States being elevated back to it’s place of power and respect…  Pres. Obama is the image of a strong intelligent professional leader that “We the People” voted for…   He gives US(A) a “warm and fuzzy feeling” and a strong sense of pride every time we see him  representing US(A) around the world…   There is an old Kenyan proverb that says:

“Having a good discussion is like having riches…”


Pres. Obama has had several very good discussions with many of the leader of the world… He has set in motion a new wave of cooperation and agreement of the world for a better brighter tomorrow…   I believe we have experienced the birth of a new era of peace and much needed togetherness in the world…  

Culturally Speaking, Pres. Obama is an international phenomenon…  He is the first and most exciting leader the world has every seen…  I believe that his leadership skills are so outstanding coupled with his uniqueness that the world leaders all just want to sit and chat with him…   Wow…  Now that is outstanding… 

OK, now back to earth…  

 Yes, our Pres. Obama is “all that and a bag of chips,” but (big but in the room) there are still lots of issues that need a chip or two right here…  So Mr Pres. it’s been fun, it’s been really fun, but (another big but) it is back to work now…  
Mr. Pres. Obama, “What is our Biggest Problem right here??? ”


There is a Chinese proverb that says:

“A clever person turns great troubles into little ones and little ones into none at all…”

That said, I believe this  wisdom  is at the gates as said in Proverbs 1:20…   I know this is a play on words but(gut-feeling but in room)  Secretary Gates is moving in the right direction…   President Carter did at least one thing right during his presidency and that was build up his military might (manpower)…  Unbeknownced to most, President Carter understood that a well trained army is most important to the success of a Nation…  It takes time to train manpower therefore train them while time is on your side…  Therefore Gates has the right idea; cut the acquisitions of technology and buildup boots on the ground…  This is a two fold blessing; one it provides another avenue for employment for US(A) and secondly it adds credence to your motto “speak softly and carry a big stick…”   Boots on the ground is a “big stick…”  Pres. Obama, you have a huge arsenal of weapons in your mouth which you have effectively used to put the world in a trance…  Now that the world is quietly slumbering, lets build up the arsenal you have at your finger tips…   The world has their own problems but (big population explosion but in the room) the most military manpower lies in the hands of  India, China,  Pakistan and the likes…  We have the most highly technical military but (another big add troops but in the room) it takes lots of highly trained troops to operate these toys over a long campaign…  You should know, you just been through one…  Dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

I am no expert but (but but) I do have an opinion…  Hummmmmmmmmmm!!! 

So there you have it… 

Now it’s time to dance… 
And dance we will…
Do you feel me…
I hope you can…
Please allow me to  go lateral for a minute – when do I get my invite to the  “White House???”
“Still waiting!!!”

“Pres. Obama: “All that and a bag of Chips!!!””

One Response to ““Pres. Obama: “All that and a bag of Chips!!!”””

  1. The U.S could cut their arsenal in half and still have enough weapons to destroy everybody.
    I thought the idea was to usher in a new era of diplomacy and hopefully peace.
    There are others ways to stimulate job growth without making bullets.

    Yours truly,

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