“Pres. Obama: “Should the Hanging tree “be cut down???””


This stuff get more and more interesting everyday…  Let’s get right at it; Check it!!!  In Reference to my post: “Obama: The many faces of Fayetteville NC,” I received this comment from Shinda Williams (pewood@capefearvalley.com):

They hung blacks from Oak trees. You gonna ban Oak trees from the world. The market house served many purposes in its time. Unfortunately, selling of slaves was a market during that period of time. LET IT GO ALREADY. Otherwise, cut down all the trees in the world!!. I’m sick of people only focuses on one thing in regards to the market house. get your facts straight. The building was not built to sell slaves. It was part of the time. Selling of slaves occured in many markets around the country/ It was just a fcat of history. Other business occurred in the center of town besides slave selling.  find something else to focus on. It is just a building. Like I said, let it go or cut down every tree that can also symbolize the hanging of slaves!!!!!


So I ask you should trees that are known as hanging trees be cut down???   I took a look at known hanging trees from our history to see what there fate has been…  It seems that for the most part every known hanging tree has already been cut down…  Culturally Speaking, these hanging tree were, more often than not, used to hang black men without a proper trial…  These places of hasty illegal trials and executions are an reminder of our disgraceful lawless past… 

I am reminded of the Jena 6 saga and the “whites only” tree…  Needless to say that tree was cut down…  This is a quote from a school board member after the tree was cut down:


“A clean slate,” LaSalle Parish School Board member Billy Fowler said of why the tree was cut down in the past few weeks. “There’s nothing positive about that old tree. It’s all negative. And I’m serving on the new School Board, and we’re wanting to start fresh on some things.”

Wow…  “A clean slate…”
That is the real reason for these images of our racist past to be removed from our “Cultural Consciousness…”  I, like Ms Williams, have an opinion and it is mine that we as a people should be able to move forward into a brighter tomorrow without these divisive images of racism to remind us of who we were…  Besides, if it is our tax dollars that pay for  these buildings upkeep ie “the  Market house,” then it is up to our congress to do the will of the people…  If they are not to be torn down then they should be used to educate about our dismay of our racist past and advocate true democracy for a brighter future…   At least that is a reason for our tax dollars being used to keep them up… 

“Vega” has torn down practically, if not all, the building built during the mob controlling era…  I don’t see them keeping any buildings standing as a memorial to what mob violence can accomplish…  Dahhhhhhhhhhh!!!  What’s that about???

So why would “we as a people” of  true democracy keep any either???


Do you feel me…

I hope you do… 

 So there you have it…

“Pres. Obama: “Should the “Hanging tree” be cut down???”


One Response to ““Pres. Obama: “Should the Hanging tree “be cut down???”””

  1. The direction our country is headed, we’re in trouble. Putin has a better plan than Obama.

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