“Pres. Obama: “The Audacity of Sync!!!””


This stuff just keeps getting more and more exciting everyday… Unlike many of the nay-sayers on CNN and the like, I would say that Pres. Obama has done an outstanding job as the “NEW CINC” for less than a hundred days… In this short amount of time, he has not only managed to restore a sense of pride and cooperation around the world… Pres. Obama has successfully managed to tackle several domestic issues left over from the previous Administration…

One can only imagine the enormous amount of stress this has brought on for him, but (big Pres. Obama is the man for the job but in the room) Pres. Obama makes the heavy lifting look easy… One one could say that his “Audaciousness and Tenaciousness” is the fuel that drives him and the magnet that others are drawn too… Now even the Reps have had to succumb to this superior force that has mesmerized most if not all who are graced to be in his presence… Some things are undeniable and political suicide to oppose which is the place that all critics have found themselves in as of late… Now that is a great big:


Yes, I know “We as a Nation” have many a’ great hurdles to cross before the finish line is in sight but (clean out the blocks but in the room) we are off to a great start… Pres. Obama has managed to remove all doubt of his qualifications to successfully handle the position of “CINC!!!” His ideology of “Audacity of Hope” should now give way to the “Audacity of SYNC!!!” It is high time for “We the People of the United States of America” to get in Sync with our young vibrant leader and help him help us help ourselves… If there is a psychology behind this way of thinking it is simply that the “world is watching!!!” Democracy is on trial here… The way “We as a Nation” play this one out greatly effects how “We as a true Democracy” is received around the world for generations to come…


So what am I saying??? In a nutshell – the world’s “nuts – shall” judge US(A) based on their limited perceptions and that will be whether “We as Nation” appear in-sync or not…
Need I say more???
I did not think so!!!

Let’s sum this up…
So ladies and gentlemen, it is up to US(A) to decide how we will be perceived and it is US(A) who will greatly feel the effects…

DO you feel me???
I know you do…

“Pres. Obama: “The Audacity of SYNC!!!”


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