“Kyra Phillips: “Soul Sista number 9!!!””


This is really exciting stuff…  Culturally Speaking through-out history  there has been those who cross the vast social and cultural divide to relate to another culture on an intimate plain…   In recent years it was Bill Clinton, the first black president…  Bill has an intimate relationship with the black culture and to most, he lead the way for a little known black guy with a funny name to become President…  I am sure to the dismay of his very intelligent wife, but (big opss but in the room) that’s another post…. 

Now you all know, I am an avid watcher of  CNN and one of my most favorite anchors is; “Kyra Phillip – Soul Sista number 9…”  

Kyra is  truly a “Soul Sista number 9!!!
She is a very  smart, articulate, N-Yo-Face kinda Sista…  Recently I,  and I am sure many other,  experienced her tough “Gone Girl” side while doing the live coverage of  the recent New York shooting…  I am sure, if you were watching, you saw when Kyra’s tenaciousness nailed a caller down to get the facts even before the AP…  Then  while interviewing another sista about a job interview kyra went there with; “two snaps and a neck roll” kinda, “do yo thang” my sista!!! 
Ah, Beep Beep!!!
Ah, Ah Beep Be

And just the other day, Kyra showed her  “sock it to me one more time” softer side; when while doing a story about an African American youth who had committed suicide, we could not control her emotion of sadness… 
It was an “I feel you” moment which brought me to tears as well…  Culturally Speaking, we as a people, don’t trust anyone who we think don’t feel us…  It is an hereditary trait that has been passed down from our African roots as people of the “talking drum…”   

Now that’s a great big;


I know that Ebony has already chosen their picks for “Most Influential Sistas and Brothas, but (first big but in the room) my vote from CNN goes to “Soul Sista number 9” – Kyra Phillips…   Kyra did the documentary;  “Noose!!!”

She did an outstanding job exposing the truth behind this hideous racial tool of  fear and divisiveness…  She could have easily “white washed” the project because she didn’t have a dog in that hunt, but (great big hats off to you Kyra but in the room) she didn’t…  For that I believe she deserves a “Pulitzer!!!”   Now you all know me, I like to keep it exciting, so please allow me to say that the contrast is “Soledad O’Brien’s documentary – Black in America,”  which I feel was a “white washed” job…   I feel that because Soledad has a dog in this race she felt the pressure of the “status quo” to not knock the “establishment”  too hard…  As a result, I feel that she did a documentary that did not rightly represent “we as a people” from holistic point of veiw…   Well Ms O’Brien, you should have passed that torch to “Soul Sista number 9;  Ms Phillips would have handled it just fine… ” 
And take it from me;
 “when you see Kyra on the street, 
if don’t know what to do,
just don’t jump in front of her; just let hur go and say;
“Gone gurl, do yo thang, do yo thang, do your thang…  
Gone gurl, do yo thang, do yo thang, do your thang…” 


So Soul Sistanumber 9; Keep up the good work because we be feeling you…”  

Check it…  When the brass at the “Big News Room” in the ATLPeach gets on yo nerves, just take from and say to them like the true “Soul Sista Number 9 ” you are:

I’ll be. be
Walking down the street,
Ten times a week.
Un-gawa. Un-gawa {baby}
This is my power.
What is the story?
What is the strike?
I said it, I meant it.
I really represent it.
Take a cool cool Black to knock me down.
Take a cool cool Black to knock me out.
I’m sweet, I’m kind.
I’m soul sister number nine.
Don’t like my apples,
Don’t shake my tree.
I’m a Castle Square Black
Don’t mess with me.

“Kyra Phillips: “Soul Sista number 9!!!””

“Check it: it is going to take all of US(A) to heal out land; Amen!!!”


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