“Pres. Obama: Remember – “Yes We Can!!!””


This stuff just keep on getting more and more exciting everyday… Pres. Obama “we the people” want you to remember… Remember that we are the people that we have been waiting on… We are the people that still believe that with your leadership, “Yes we can!!!” We want you to remember that “We are not as divided as our politics would suggest…” We the people of these United States made a vow to (US)A that whatever it takes to right the wrong we are the people for the job because if it can be done “Yes We Can” do it…

So when it comes to bigger government we say even babies grow up, so “Yes We Can!!!” So when it comes to the “Tax code, immigration, Iraq, Afghan, and all the other problems that face US(A) as a nation we “Yes We Can!!!””

Remember Mr. Pres. these three word were not only a campaign motto but (big “Yes We Can” but in the room) these are the words of a nation…
From sea to shining sea – “Yes We Can!!!”
From boarder to boarder – “Yes We Can!!!”
From every patriotic heart – “Yes We Can!!!”

So as a sign of Patriotism we the people vow to fly “The American Flag” proudly so that it can be seen from the moon that we are a “United States!!!”

“Yes We Can!!!”
“Yes We Can!!!”
“Yes We Can!!!”

Pres. Obama Remember – “Yes We Can” Heal this nation and repair this world…”

“Pres. Obama: “Remember – Yes “We” Can!!!””


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