“Pres. Obama: “The Bush Administration gets “The Byrd!!!””


“The Bush Administration gets “The Byrd!!!” ” 

That is Senator Robert Byrd. 

His blog: “Our Obligation To Investigate”  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sen-robert-byrd/our-obligation-to-investi_b_193593.html addresses the question should we invest the Bush administration for war crimes???
Senator Byrd is the highly respected senator from West Virginia and honored  for his longevity(50 years) as well as his outspokenness…   Some would say that Senator Byrd is coming out against the Bush Administration because he is a leftist that could not understand the right-wing ideology…   I beg the differ and find it quite interesting that it is Senator Byrd who would come out against the Bush regime…  It is widely known that Senator Byrd has been an active member of the KKK and has called for their rise in  West Virginia in the pass…  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Byrd  Please allow me to be fair and state that his last known involvement with this racist organization was some time ago…  
Now that is a big,


That said, does Senator Byrd have a point???   Should we investigate the Bush Administration and all those involved in this horrible segment of our history???  I believe so…  As Senator Byrd stated in his blog: 

“Not only did these insidious tactics sacrifice our national integrity, but they may also have compromised our security as well. “

I believe it is for this very reason that we must investigate these acts of torture…  It is the very thing that the “Muslim world”  will use to organize and launch terrorist attacks against us for generations to come if we don’t do something…  And coming from someone who understands “terrorism” very well ( the Klan’s entire premise was to cause terror in the black community) as a former member of a domestic terrorist organization, this blog speaks volumes… 


Besides, what happen to “Vicarious Liability???”  Everyone that is in the position of authority takes on “vicarious liability and responsibility,” because someone must always be accountable…  Therefore, not only is this a matter of  “who did it;”  it is also a matter of  “who will get the blame???”  Now, it is my position that those poor low level executioners were sacrificial  lambs just doing their jobs; even thou they might have liked it…  Therefore, it has to be the ones who gave the order who are ultimately responsible for this mess, and it is these  individuals who must take the fall…  If this is “the buck stops here Bush, Chaney and the gang; then so-be-it!!!”  That’s why they got paid the big bucks…  LOL!!! 
If it is the legal team in the legal department; then let the “chips” fall where they may… 
Either way, “We the People of the United States of America,”  deserve better than that because  we are better than that… 

So, there you have it… 
We the people of the United States of  America, do not “Torture!!!”

Do you feel me???
I hope you do… 

“Pres. Obama: “The Bush Administration gets “The Byrd!!!””


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