“Pres Obama: “The Audacity of Activism!!!”

First family PicWow…

This stuff just keeps getting more exciting everyday!!!   Where do we begin???  Ok, let’s start with the “Promise Keepers!!!”   Pres. Obama is a “Promise Keeper!!!”  All I can say is “”Bravo Mr. President” on your Supreme Court pick!!!”  


Now lets talk “Activism!!!” 

Activism is not a “negative thing,” but (the first big but in the room) a frame of mind that says, “I will no longer sit passively by when I can make different…”     Maynard Jackson, was a giant of a man, He said to me personally, “With a name like “John Jacobs – You must get involved!!!” Wow…  When Maynard spoke, the rafters shook…

Uncle Hosea said, to me don’t stop son doing what you know is right regardless to what they say…”   Rev. Lowry said to me, “if you have something to say, say it!!!” Wow… 

John Lewis said to me, in 1996 – “I will tell them!!!” Tell the nation that we the people are depending on them as they depend on us…

Andrew Young said to me, “It’s damn Hot…” Get Hot!!!   That was wild…  As you can see, activism is not a thing that they do, it is what “we” do when we get involved… Wow…

Now this is some really exciting stuff…  Please allow me to go lateral for a moment, ” Does anyone really care what ROland is wearing???  Dahhhh!!! 
Just A thought!!! 

Ok, I am back…  My pet peeve is “The needs of the Homeless!!!”   I know I am on this homeless tip today and everyday…”What can we do to help the homeless and lighten the load for the less fortunate???”   One suggestion is to clip coupons for McD’s, BK’s, Hardee’s, and the like which offer something free, use it and give the free to the homeless!!!    Another is when staying in a hotel, keep the free stuff; like the shampoo, conditioners, coffee packs, tooth paste, and the like…  Then give it to the  Homeless…  Most importantly is for those of you who have a social service background to post programs that you know the government has for the homeless.  I have come to find out that most of the programs are not being offered to the homeless…  My question is “Why???” 

These are some of my ideas, now you list yours and I will compile a list to be distributed to the Homeless around the nation…


Do you feel me???

I know you do…

Let me hear you say, “Yes we Can!!!”

“Pres. Obama: “The Audacity of Activism!!!””


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