“Pres. Obama: “I am “Broke as Hell,” but I did something about it!!!””

This stuff just gets more and more exciting everyday…  Let’s get right at it…  “I am still “Broke as Hell,” but (big did something but in the room) I did something about it…”  I took the “FIRE” that I got from  Those two very powerful lines from those movies that had gotten me fired up and put action to them… 

I joined the “the Unbroke Movement!!!”  www.Unbrokemovement.tbabwo.com

Yes Art was  representing life…  The lines from  recent Samuel L. Jackson rant on abc, still has me  screaming “I am “Broke as Hell,” but now I can say (as you can) I did something about it…” 

Join with me the “Unbroke Movement!!!”

Now this is a very powerful place to be…  It is a vibe that vibrates throughout my very being…  It  is a battle cry…  It is a mantra like “we shall overcome…”  It is something of an intangible tangible…  It is a starting point for those of the millions upon millions of us who can feel this vibe deep down in our very soul; as a cry for comfort.   Answer the call and take up the “marching orders” for US(A) to say as Pres. Obama said in his campaign;
“It’s our time,
Is’s our year!!!” 
We are our own “Stimulus!!!”  
We are “the Unbroke Movement for Change” to eradicate this “Broke Spirit” that has a large chunk of  US(A) bound… 
We are no longer waiting…  
We are the people we have been waiting for and now it is time to be “Unbroke!!!”

“Yes we can!!!” 

We can overcome unemployment by joining the “Unbroke Movement!!!” 

We can overcome our “No-01K” by investing our money into each other where then we can get 25, 50, 75, and 100% return… 

We are  our own stimulus and we shall cooperate instead of incorporate…  With cooperation we will build wealth together…  Then we become the Getty’s or the Rockefeller’s by our names; the Jacobs’s and the Williams’s and the Jones’s… 
We are not waiting!!!
Now the time for waiting is over… 
We are the new status qua…

As Pres. Obama said, “We must move with the urgency of now…”  Today is the day to join the “Unbroke Movement…” 
It is up to US(A) to eradicate this spirit of  “Broke” and renew a   spirit of  wealth and prosperity in this Nation we call “the land of the free and home of the brave…”

Wow…  Now that’s the American way… 
You see, feeling the vibe gives us drive to overcome the hold of this “brokeness” and unbroke it by getting involved!!!  “If you want it, it’s yours!!!  
You can change your life forever!!! 
Become unbroke now!!!  Join the Unbroke Movement!!!”  www.UnbrokeMovement.tbatwo.com  
It benefits all of US(A)…

I made a promise that starting after I heard the war cry, “I was going to make a change…”  I started listening to Mike’s song, “man in the mirror…”


This is a powerful song that speaks to this situation and time…  We have the power within  us to overcome anything but (yes, another big but in the room) we must do as Mike said, First look at the man in the mirror and make a change… 
What change??? 
Change our way of thinking… 
The Bible says that “one can put a thousand to flight, but two can put ten thousand to flight…” 
Now that’s  power!!!

The “Unbroke Movement”  has already started…  I have followers on twitter who feel like I do and are moving with me to “Unbroke this Brokeness…” 
It is up to US(A)…
We truly are the  ones we have been waiting for… 

“We are “Broke as Hell” but we did something about it!!!”
We joined the “Unbroke Movement!!!”

Wow…  This is some exciting stuff…
There is also some other lines  from the movie “The Departed” that shines a light on the “Unbroke Movement!!!” 
The lines are the ones that the Jack Nickelson  character said:

Frank Costello: I don’t want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product of me. Years ago we had the church. That was only a way of saying – we had each other.  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0407887/quotes


That is powerful… 
We as a people can and we will do it through the “Unbroke Movement!!!”  www.Unbrokemovement.tbatwo.com
We will no longer be a product of  our environment, but (big gotta make a change but in the room) we will make our environment a product of us… 
“Yes, we can!!!”
“Yes, we will!!!”
If you feel me and you want to be the head; not the tail… 
Then join us…” 

We are the “Unbroke movement!!!” www.unbrokemovement.tbatwo.com

Then hola back at me:

“I am “Broke as Hell” but I did something about it!!! 

I joined the “Unbroke Movement!!!  www.unbrokemovement.tbatwo.com 

This mean you are no longer sitting back and waiting  for someone to give you something…   You are saing what James Brown said, “Just open the door, I’ll get it myself…”   Well ladies and gentlemen, the door is open!!!   Together  we can make a change…

Get on board, this shuttle is leaving the pad??? 

The black man;
the white man; 
the red man;
the asian man;
and all mankind that is tired of  being “Broke!!!”  

Join the “Unbroke movement!!!”  www.Unbrokemovement.tbatwo.com

Let’s change our world!!!

Do you feel me…

I know you do…

Let me hear you say, “Yes, yes, yes  we can!!!”

“Pres. Obama: “I am “Broke as Hell,”  but I did something about it!!!””



One Response to ““Pres. Obama: “I am “Broke as Hell,” but I did something about it!!!”””

  1. Such powerful and thought-provoking words. Makes you really think.

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