“Pres. Obama: “Unbroke; an Attitude or a State of Being???”


This stuff  just keeps getting more and more exciting everyday…   I am sure that most of  you are familiar with the now infameous ABC  special event called “Unbroke!!!”
I am sure that for those of  us which are struggling everyday to keep our heads above water, this was a life changing event…   It had a profound effect on me as did the character Samuel L. Jackson played…  I was walking around for days saying “I AM BROKE AS HELL AND I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE…”  This little exercise was just what the doctor ordered for me to let out my frustrations…  Now after all the “Hoopla” has died down, “I am in a “now what” frame of mind???”

Now what do I do about being broke in these hard economical times???  Yelling to the top of my lungs this mantra was the key that openned the door to the realization of my present situation but (yes big what the hell next but in the room) what next… 
-How do I overcome this situation???
-What is the solution to this problem???
-Where is the one who can answer the questions to unlock this safe that holds the secret to my liberation???
-Is there anyone who really cares???

I had a lot of question and no answers…

Then I listened to MJ’s “man in the mirror” and things became a little clearer…


I realized that the problem and the solution lies in the same place, “The man in the Mirror!!!” 
What does this really mean???
Well it really means that “unbroke is more of  an attitude than a state of  being…”  Therefore in order to be “unbroke” we must first change our way of thinking…  We as a people must learn how to work together to in order to become “unbroke!!!” 
I know it is different from our former way of life but ( another big we need each other but in the room) we must come together to “unbroke our brokeness…”   
Once we come to the consciousness that working together is our only way out, then the process is easy… 
The difficult  part of this process is the

“Attitude Adjustment…” 

Culturally speaking, in tough times in our history, we have always come together to overcome our situation…  The most recent example of this is the force of  “people power” during the “Civil Rights Movement!!!” 
It was a difficult situation for a people who individually had not chance of overcoming…  It became very obvious that if we were to overcome our then situation we would have to work together…  When we took on this mind set, the battle was over…  


Then after we “Free our minds” from the traps of  our past we then must utilize simple principal to establish wealth…   One of these tools is something Pres: Obama used to rally people around a common cause to win the Presidency – 

“The movement!!!”

  It seems that people find it easy to get involved with a movement…   I have setup what I call the

 “Unbroke Movement!!!”

 The “Unbroke Movement” (www.unbrokemovement.tbatwo.com) is the answer… It utilizes a simple “crawl before you walk” principle to rise people from “broke to unbroke…”   I know this is not the only solution to this huge problem but (big someone gotta do something but in the room) someone gotta do something…  All talk and no action is the wrong attitude…  After all the yelling is done we must do something…

There you have…
I hope you feel me…
Let’s do something to make a change in our lives… 

Join the “Unbroke Movement!!!” (www.unbrokemovement.tbatwo.com)“Pres. Obama: “Unbroke; an Attitude or a State of Being???”


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