“This is Michael’s finest hour!!!”


This is some really exciting stuff… 
First of all, please allow me to say something about the “King of Pop” leaving us really too soon…   As many of you know, I was channelling Michael Jackson before his demise through his song, “Man in the Mirror…”   I was feeling him very deeply…  Michael was a man of great feeling…  He emanated emotion and passion greater than any other human on the planet…   And now even after his physical death his spirit is still very prominent in the universe…  Michael is free now…  He is finally able to truly sore though the atmosphere without any limitations of space and time…  Michael the “spirit – man” is now simply spirit…  He wants to let people know that he truly loved them and now everyone knows…


This is some exciting stuff…  There is going to be a memorial  for Michael where we can reflex on the man and his vision of what the world should be like… But (wow the first but in the room) for Michael this is the beginning of  his world vision – “World Peace!!!”   The world will come together in one place to remember the truth of Michael’s mission here on earth – to bring all peoples together to celebrate “World peace…”  Wow is this awesome or what???  Michael is accomplishing something that all the presidents and prime ministers and leaders of the world have not been able to accomplish – bring the world together to celebrate – “World Peace!!!” 

This is Michael’s finest hour…

Secondly, there are those who would love to say that the “Man – Michael” was a low – life individual and a pervert…  If this was true then the world is a full of low life’s and perverts…   I believe that the world will truly see the “gift – Michael” who was given to us as a gift to “heal the world…”   Now the “Spirit – Michael” is doing just that…  As we remember the “Man – Michael” it will be impossible to not experience the “Spirit – Michael” and finally truly “FEEL” him in the strongest since of the word…  

Culturally speaking, through-out history, we have experienced the spirit of  great men and women that changed the world…  Michael Jackson is one of these great men…  The “Spirit Michael” is alive and well in all of us who get him and can feel him stronger now than ever before…  The “Gift – Michael” will fill us all with his true spirit of  “love and peace”  for the entire human race now from eternity…

So lets just embrace the

“Man – Gift – Spirit – Michael”

and live out his message to truly “Heal the world!!!”  

Michael Jackson, gone from us in the physical sense but (big all ways around but in the room) never gone from us in spirit… 
Can you feel him??? 
Do you feel me??? 
Then look at the “man in the mirror” and do what Michael said,

“Make a Change!!!”

This is Michael’s finest hour…


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