“Pres. Obama: “The Audacity of “the Signifying Monkey!!!”””

This is some really exciting stuff… 
As many of  you have already heard the story of  Professor Henry Louis Gates arrest by a Cambridge police officer…   Culturally Speaking, we as a people have come a long way but (big phat signifying but in the room) for the black man, we have a long way to go yet…  
Professor Gates told the Ap:

“This isn’t about me; this is about the vulnerability of black men in America,” Gates said.

He said the incident made him realize how vulnerable poor people and minorities are “to capricious forces like a rogue policeman, and this man clearly was a rogue policeman…” 

I am sorry to say, but (a big phat capricious but in the room) this incident it is a paramont moment for the black man in America…  For many of  us,  this type of behavior goes on everyday…  It took  a high profile “Black man” being treated like “all the rest of us” before it become a national news issue…   Yes, it took this incident  for all the fortunate hard working prosperous successful black men to come the “Realization” that regardless to how high you climb, “you still be a black man!!!” 


I am having a “it’s about time moment!!!”
The irony here is that we have a black President, a black governer, and a black mayor yet this kind of stuff still goes on…   Dahhhhhhhhh!!!
“What is that about???”
Now I hope Professor Gates does not allow this issue to die without addressing it fully…  We as a people are constantly degraded, accused, misused, profiled and the like without cause and when one of us with some clout get the opportunity to speak up; generally we don’t…  Now it is time for Professor Gates “to do the Right thing,” stand up for the brothas… 
Culturally speaking, if Rosa Parks had not sat down, Dr. King could not have stood up…   Sometimes it takes something like this for something to happen…



This is also ironic that this incident comes on the heels of  CNN’s Soledad O’brien “Black in America 2.”  The first B-N-A was so negative and sterotypical it was degrading to US(A) as a people…  I hope this time Soledad get’s it right…   If she really wants to make it right, she should request a one -on -one with Professor Gates…  She could start a dialogue of the injustices we suffer on a daily basis…  No one has to look far to find stories of  “the Gates saga” in cities around the country…  In my post, “the many faces of Fayetteville NC,”  a young African American honor roll student was shot in the back for walking black in his own community…  The sad part of this story is that you can’t drop the charges on a dead man…  Professor Gates should think about that…  We have had a spree of shooting by the Police that have gone unanswered by our so-called “black leaders…”   Maybe now that the Police have taken the gloves off and are targetting them too, they ( black leaders) will stand up and speak up…  

In my post, “The Audacity of the House Niggers,”  I address the issue of  our “do nothing” favored…   It seems that when we as a people reach a certain level in society, we forget from where we came…   This is a grave misfortune for all of  US(A)…  It is time for the “Professor Gates’s” in our community to stand up for those of us that can’t draw the national attention as they can and “do the right thing!!!”

“Do you feel me???”
“I know you do…”
“Let me hear you say, “Yes, yes, yes we can!!!””


This is some really exciting stuff…
As a “Culturally Conscious African American Male” this is not just another new story…  This is a life matter…  A matter of life and death for “black men” everywhere…
“Professor Gates, black men around the nation are depending on you to shine a bright like on this matter for all of our sakes…”

“Pres. Obama: “The Audacity of  “the Signifying Monkey!!!”””


One Response to ““Pres. Obama: “The Audacity of “the Signifying Monkey!!!””””

  1. regionarrington Says:

    I am speaking to you as a white man, a white man living in the hills of East Tennessee. I am speaking to you as a white man, living in the hill of East Tennessee who wore a Deputy Sheriff’s badge for eighteen years. When you hear these words I just wrote, what comes to mind? Racist!!! I would not be hurt if you said, Yes. I understand your point of view, I can not understand where you come from, because I have not lived your life. I am a very strong supporter of President Obama, I understand also that some in MY community HATE him. They say he was not born here, ” He is an illegal immigrant.” It is not his status as an American they question. it’s his status as a human being and his right as an equal American. As I said, I understand your point of view, because I care and nothing more. I can not understand, ” living black in America,” because I am living white in East Tennessee. I can only say, yes there is a such a thing as Police abuse, cross burnings, hate speech. I have seen it and been near it, but not a part of it. I can only assure you of one thing, not everyone is as they appear. I am retired from Law Enforcement and not by choice. A fifteen year old girl stabbed me near my spine and retired me, she did not appear to be who she was either. I can assure you that I respect and honor President Obama as President Of The United States and do not question his authority as such. I can assure you, I understand your concern for the African American community and I hope and pray the election of President Obama has a positive effect. I can only assure you that I for one respect people from the inside out and think we can only fully evolve as human beings, when we start seeing each other as equals. Each with the same rights as the other, and yes, this includes being President.

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