“Pres. Obama: “What does “yo mama” have to do with “Bad Breath???””

This is some exciting stuff…
The Professor Henry Louis Gates saga continues and getting stranger everyday…   Now we have the arresting officer saying:

Crowley confronted Gates in his home after a woman passing by summoned police for a possible burglary. The sergeant said he arrested Gates after the scholar repeatedly accused him of racism and made derogatory remarks about his mother, allegations the professor challenges. Gates has labeled Crowley a “rogue cop,” demanded an apology and said he may sue the police department.

I guess Professor Gates should have brushed his teeth before addressing Officer Crowley…  You know “bad breath” can be very offensive???   As a former police officer myself, I have had to deal with “bad breath” in the past…  I didn’t quite have the same reaction as officer Crowley did, but (first big gingivitis but in the room) I guess I never faced “bad breath”  from a guy in his own house…  I can see how this could be very disrespectful…  Officer Crowley probably figured Professor Gates could have at least gone to his own restroom, pulled out his own mouth wash, and took a gurgle…   I mean that is the least a man could do in his own house before talking to a civil servant (Police Officer Crowley)…  

And the lady that call the Police in the first place should have warned them that Professor Gates had a habit of talking to you with “bad breath…”  I mean, my God, I am sure she at least talked with her neighbor who uses a cane  at least once…   And how is it,  an 11 year veteran of  the police dept did not have a clue as to whom Professor Gates was…  And they say that there is no racism in that neck of the woods… 

What is it,  a prominent black man in Cambridge is “just another “Nigger” with a PHD” to the “CPD???”  Hummmmmmm!!! 

I wonder what would have happened if it had been the other way around??? 
Crowley was black and Gates was white???  
I can tell you, “the black guy would have been fired” and the bad breath remarks would not have mattered…” 
I can hear it now,

“How dare you arrest a prominent member of our community over “bad breath…”  Black man, have you lost your mind???” 

I am sure that the white Cambridge elite would have said, how “Preposterous…”  
But (great big I don’t like the way your “breath” smells but in the room) we know that isn’t what happened…   The white prominent Cambridge elite did not come out in the defense of Professor Gates…  I have always heard that “silence is concent…”  Hummmmmmm!!!
I guess if Pres. Obama had used a different word to describe his thoughts of the matter,  he would have come accross differently, but (big opps he is a black man but in the room ) he said  what he felt…   I believe that if most people; black or white really think about this, then they would all agree…   Professor Gates should have never been arrested for having “bad breath;” especially  in his own home… 
“I know you do…”

The bigger picture here is, this is a direct reflection of the huge “Cultural Divide” that exist in this country…  We are at the “Apex of a new United States of America” and everyone is trying to paint their own version of how they see it…   “

“So how do we fix this???”

“Communication, communication, communication!!!”
We must talk to each other…
I stopped to get some gas on the way home and spoke to a white guy about the price of gasoline…  He looked as if I had  “bad breath;” so I did a quick check because I wasn’t at home…  I don’t think I had “bad breath” but (big phat he act that way but in the room) he certainly had that, “why are you talking to me,” look on his face…  Now you guys know me, I kept talking to this guy until he responded with a “yo mama!!!”  I am from the “hood” so I responded “yo grand mama!!!” 
Thank God Professor Gates wasn’t there, he would have gotten arrested for having “bad breath”  at a gas station… 
LOL,  Just kidding!!!

Either way, I said to myself, “self we need some “honest dialogue about race” in this country and it has to start with those we intrust “to protect us…””  And we see now that this is more needed than ever before in the Police departments around the country… 
The first thing we must do is teach them how to read their own job description:   

The job of a police officer is demanding and challenging, and requires more than just the ability to fire a weapon and chase down suspects.

Besides the physical skills needed to be an effective officer, police officers need diplomacy, ethics, self discipline, and a good amount of human compassion. Their job involves assisting those in need, negotiating arguments and exercising patience more than it involves engaging in physical conflicts, so it takes a well-balanced person to effectively hold a police officer’s job. http://www.career-opportunities.net/articles/view/police_officer_job_description 

It seems to me the sentence: “Their job involves assisting those in need, negotiating arguments and exercising patience more than it involves engaging in physical conflicts, so it takes a well-balanced person to effectively hold a police officer’s job” is key… 
I guess  Officer Crowley didn’t read that part…  What Police Officer’s must realize is that it is the law abiding citizens that give them their  power, not the other way around…  As a police officer, you must be able to smile through the “bad breath!!!” Oh, before I go, let me say,
“Roland make sure you keep your mouth closed around “Lou” because you are sure to get arrest for having “bad breath…”  ”
“Big smile!!!”

Now, if  Officer Crowley is truly a civil servant, then he realizes that he has not served the public very well with this felonious arrest…   It looks like he abused his authority to try to make a 58 year old black man, “BOY” in his own home…  Well officer CrowLey, the days of  “the “White master” telling  “Toby” to shut-up  in his own home” are over…  That’s degrading and no man should have to put up with it… 
“Officer Jim Crow-ley was not invited in by Professor Gates, there wasn’t any crime being commited, therefore he was out of order…” And besides, when are words the grounds for an arrest  even if the perp has “bad breath!!!”

“DO you feel me???”
“I know you do…”
“Let me hear you say, “yes, yes, yes we can!!!””

“If  Harvard truly stand behind one of their most respected Professor then they should do to  “Jim Crow – ley” what  the elites at Duke did to the Durham DA in the Duke 3 case – “get him terminated…”  In the Duke 3 case those guys were drunk and unruly, but (big fat they were white drunk and unruly rich guys in the room) they still got off…  
Now you know they had to have had some serious “bad breath!!!” 

“Let’s all take a deep breath…”
“Let’s take a step back for a moment…”
“Now let’s all say in one voice, “JIM CROW – ley must go!!!”
“It is for the common good…”
“Next time “Jim Crow – ley might  kill somebody for having bad breath…”

OK, enough…
I am out…


“Pres. Obama: “What does “yo mama” have to do with “Bad Breath???””






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