“Pres. Obama: “The Psychology of Beer!!!””

This is some really exciting stuff…
So the hottest topic on the net rig
ht now is the Pres. meeting with the Professor and the Policeman over a Beer…  The Pres. calls this a teachable moment…   I guess a lot of people are questioning

– “who is doing the teaching???” 
Or “what is on the lesson plan???” 
Or “who will grade the final test???”
All of  this is barley for the critics to chew on for days,but (big phat what’s in a beer but in the room)  what does it mean for the rest of  US(A)???

Culturally Speaking, we as a people have always been willing to sit down and talk out our differences, but (another big fat talk is cheap but in the room) nothing has ever come from it…  In these situations where it is obvious to US that we have been wronged over and over again, talk is not an end all…  If Dr. King had sat down with the bus company over a beer what would have come of it – they would have labelled him a drunkard…  I am afraid this is the only thing that will come out of this little sit – down as well… 

Pres. Obama is a true African American and can really relate to both sides…  He can refer to his grand father who probably drank bud and then he can relate to his father who probably drank an Ale…  Either way, what is the psychology of a beer???  I guess we will have to wait and see…  

I will say this,

“the only teacher in this situation is Professor Gates… 

This is his “Rosa Parks” moment in the black community…  We as a people have suffered at the hand of  “the white racist law enforcement officers” throughout our history…  It will take more than a “beer” to set this straight, it will take policy…  If Professor Gates, “SKIP” this opportunity to stand up for the rest of  US(A) who are profiled everyday, he will have let us all down…  Most people I have spoken with about this situation, believe that the police officer “Jim Crow-ley”  acted inappropriate…  There was something else at play here than him just doing his job…  Doing his job would have been “determining” who this person was that had entered into this house…  Once that was done with the review of the perps identification, his job was over…   Professor Gates did not invite or call the law, therefore he did not have to be nice…  It is not against any law to be “rude…”  If that was the case “Jim Crow-ley” would have to arrest everybody in America because everybody is rude at time…  If  “Jim Crow-ley” wanted Professor Gates to be entertaining (dance like steppin-fetche) he was “Crowing” up the wrong tree…  

It is obvious that Professor Gates was not feeling officer ” JIM CROW-ley…” 
I wonder why; could it be something to do with his name???   
“JIM CROW-ley…”


Professor Gates, has the opportunity to teach several lessons here to all of us…  
One – “we have a right to be rude in our own home…”
Two – “If you are not invited in to my home, stay at the door…”
Three – “If you want me to entertain you (Police Officer), Forget it, the days of dancing for your approval are over…”
Four – “Because there are still racist police officers out there, we need policy to give structured guidelines against racial profiling…”
Five – “And finally, Enough is Enough!!!  We will not wait for the next policeman to kill another black man in the name of Law Enforcement…   You can’t drop the charges on a dead man…


This is some exciting stuff…
There is a saying, “If  a tree falls in the forest, and there is no one around to hear it; does it make any noise???”  
This situation is the “tree…” 
Professor Gates is the only one around to hear it…
Police Officer “Jim Crow-ley” is the man holding the ax…

 Did this situation make any Noise???
We were not there, but (big phat a deaf man could hear that but in the room)  via the Internet “every African American male”  heard  it “Loud and Clear” around the world…
This is where the “facts speak for themselves!!!”
It is time now for all of our so-called black leaders to stand-up and make the case for the rest of  US(A)…
Check it: There should be some talking going on all over this nation about this systemic problem of  “racial profiling…”  And more importantly, the conversation – whether over a beer or a cup of coffee should lead to one thing – “Policy change in every police dept in this country…”
“Do you feel me???”
“I am sure you do!!!”
“Let me hear you say, “Yes, yes, yes we can!!!””


 “Pres. Obama: “The Psychology of Beer!!!””









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