“Pres. Obama: “A Black History Fact According to Steve…””

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Check out this “Black history fact according to Steve…”

A new comment on the post #96 “”The Audacity of the “House Niggers!!!”””

Author : Steve (IP: , c-68-52-32-41.hsd1.tn.comcast.net)
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What about the black slave owners?  You know, the free blacks who owned slaves.  What kind of nigger was he or she called (Yes, there were free black women who owned slaves, too)?  What about every black’s ancestor who sold or traded ALL the blacks into slavery?  What kind of nigger are they called?  You see, too many blacks today don’t even know their history but yet they speak out in anger against whites as if whites invented and are solely to blame for slavery.  Many think that most whites owned slaves when in fact the majority of whites did not.  Some whites owned blacks, Chinese and Indians, too.  Some blacks owned blacks and some Indians owned blacks and even whites.  So, being angry at just whites is extremely misplaced and ignorant. In actuality, you should be most angry with all of the black Africans who originally sold and traded you into slavery.  That is if you are still upset with being in America as opposed to remaining in Africa.  You are glad that you’re here instead
of there aren’t you?  Then act like it, however, you got here.  My point?  If you choose to be angry then you should spread your anger around to all who were at fault.  In other words, be more objective, honest and realistic – hate every body who contributed to slavery, not just the white man.  Or, learn form the past but don’t dwell on it.  The mere fact that blacks live in the past and spend so much time trying to blame others holds them back more than anything or anybody ever could.  Look for the positives. If your ancestors hadn’t sold you into slavery then you’d be living in Ghana or Somalia or Nigeria or some other war torn part of Africa where you’d be walking around with bloated bellies and flies crawling all over your face.  Where your biggest dream would be to escape from all that misery and come to some place like America!  So, keep dwelling in the past and remain stuck there, angry….or look to the future and move on.  Success or failure begins in your own mind and is
your own responsibility not someone elses’ devious plot to keep you down.  What you call a house nigger is just someone moving on.  He or she made it on their own like most everybody else does.  They weren’t sitting back looking for the proverbial handout. They actually are helping your communities by setting the example for the rest to follow.  Same as every other racial or ethnic community.  Blacks are the only group, however, who consistently expect somebody else to help them instead of individually doing it own their own like everybody does.  If one of them figures it out and becomes successful then he’s called a house nigger or uncle Tom instead of observing what they did then emulating that same behavior.


There you have it… 
I only have one comment to Steve, “if you read this post it is talking to US(A) –  African Americans about US(A) – African Americans… 
This is one time,  I was not venting any anger toward your white ancestors…  

At least Steve did not correct my misspelled words, but (big fat get the facts straight but in the room) thanks for reading this post…  
“Steve, would you like to sit down and have a beer???” 🙂

“Do you feel me???”
“I know you do!!!”
“Let me here you say, “yes, yes, yes we can!!!”

“Pres. Obama: “A Black History Fact According to Steve…””



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