“Pres. Obama: What does the “Mad Black woman” have to do with “War and Peace???””

This is some exciting stuff…
As we face an insecure  world politico, we must be aware of the cultural issues that exist in the mist of it all…  If I were the Commander in Chief, I would have  a “Culturally Conscious” sensitive advisor at every meeting with people of a different culture…  This person would have great knowledge of the culture of the people we were engaging to advise what was said, “Really Means…”   You see the way a people respond to things has to do with the culture they come from…  For example, Europeans are less hung up on nudity than Americans…  I asked several Germans why this was…  Most said, that it is just the way it is or at least it is just the way they were familiar with…  When I asked an old educated German woman she told me the true reason was cultural…  She was taught from her youth that when the sun returned, get as much sun as possible, until it leaves again…   What was she saying???  In Germany the sun goes behind the clouds in late September and you really don’t see it again until late April… 
Wow…  So I had a greater understanding of how “Culture” effect a society…  Black women are no different…  Throughout our culture, it has been the black woman who has been the backbone of our society…  Now I am not just talking about the black culture, I am talking about all our culture, for it was the black woman who did the cooking, took care of the children, and made sure everything got done…  So we should not be surprised that if the “black woman” is angry,  then our entire society is out of “Kilter…”

Therefore the “Angry Black Woman” is a major cultural problem that everyone should be concerned with…  I am sure everyone is familiar with the Tyler Perry movies: “Diary of a mad black woman” and in theatres now, “I can do bad all by myself…”   The “mad black woman” problem goes much further than that… 
 Check it: As a black man, I have experienced the “angry black woman” first hand…  Our black women are angry by their own admission…  This issue became very real to me after I watched this video clip of (
http://www.digtriad.com/news/GMS/article.aspx?storvid=126279&catid=67  )Prof. Miller Lucky Jr.’s response to “Angry Black Women…” I could not agree with him more…  But, (Yes big mad black woman but in the room) I did not want to just depend on my opinion or the view points of Prof. Miller Lucky Jr., so I asked several black women their opinions…   I was surprized at their immediate responses and ruthless honesty to the question …  They agreed, with the fact that “Black Women are Angry,” except they differed greatly in their opinions as to why…  My unofficial survey was answered by black women from every walk of life and the common thread was exactly what Prof. Miller Lucky Jr. had stated, “Communications!!!”  Black women are very vocal, which is the one thing that most times turn black men off; therefore they retreat… 
Yes, black men have our issues too, i.e. high unemployment, racial profiling leading to more of us often in jail, and of course baby mama drama…  But Black women have a way of vocalizing the problems that a black man knows, oh so well, and does not want to be reminded of everyday by a “Mad Black Woman…”  Most of the responses I received, started off outlining all these things about a black man in only a way a “Mad Black Woman” could; underneath all of this though, most still wanted a black man in their life…  So Prof. Lucky Jr. is right that black women are angry, but (another big black but in the room) is communications the reason why a black women “aint got no man???”
This is some exciting stuff…  Now you may say, what does all this have to do with US(a) as a people…  Well, one could look at the temperament of “Black Women” as a barometer of the “Cultural Climate” of our country…  I feel that it is the lack of “culture” that has caused “US(A)” most, if not all, of our problems as a nation over the last forty years…  For some, like Tyler Perry, this barometer is a commercial gold mine; yet “Culturally Speaking” it could be a political mine field…  I feel that black women are just expressing their dismay of how bad our economy really is which is spilling over into their personal relationships…  Black women are the political ticker that if left unchecked will affect the entire community because black women voices will eventually become women voices, which is the majority voice of our nation…   Black women by their own admission are angry and demand to be heard or we all will experience the consequences…  I believe that a “Mad Black Woman” is a lot like a Nation…  If she is not heard you have hell to pay and she will keep steaming until you allow her space to let it out…  Even though most nations are run by men it is the women that actually has their finger on the Nation’s pulse…  This is a lot like the “Mad Black Woman…”  Even if she has a man it is she that determines the temperament of the home; War or peace if you will…  And when she is not cared for, not heard, and not appreciated she become very vocal and despondent until she is cared for, heard, and appreciated…  Tyler Perry has connected with this anger and in his film has tried, I believe to give “Mad Black Women”  a voice…  I believe the only problem with his approach, other than he is getting rich exploiting a very serious “Cultural” problem among black women; is that black women leave the movie without an “outlet to let it out,” if you can feel me on this…   And (Black) women around the world are not given an outlet to “Just let it Out…” 
If Mr. Perry would take Prof. Lucky Jr.s observation and give black women (and all women for that matter) an outlet to “let it out,” the drop in temporary could greatly affect global warming…  LOL!!!  (Sorry ladies and gentlemen, you know I had to go there… 🙂 )  But (big phat angry black women need to talk but in the room) I am serious about the need for us to connect on a “Culturally Conscious”  level where we can freely, openly, and honestly; have a chance to “Just let it out”…  It will take some training for most of us to learn how to effective communicate as Prof. Lucky Jr. stated in his piece, which I believe is much needed…  So let’s hope the Tyler Perry’s and the Prof. Lucky’s and the Wendy Williams’s and all those with a platform that can allow “Mad Black Women” to vent; will “Just let them, Let it out!!!”  Culturally Speaking this is good advise for the powers that be, to allow women around the world, the platform to “Just let it Out…” 
I guess we will have to wait and see but (the last big mad black but in the room) this problem unaddressed will not go away…  Hmmmmmmmmmmm!!!
Can you feel me???
I know you can???
Let me hear you say, “Yes, yes, yes we can!!!”
“Pres. Obama: The Audacity of the “Mad Black WOman!!!””


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  1. Perez Christina Says:

    interesting !

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