“Pres. Obama: The Audacity of a “Social Chauvinist!!!””

This stuff just keeps getting more and more exciting everyday… 

Well let’s get right at it… 
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Politically speaking, Pres. Obama has got to make his decision about “boots on the ground” and “drones in the air” ASAP!!!  It is a matter of  “Stop panzie-ing!!!”  As a gentleman recently pointed out to me that he believes that it is just a matter of time before we will be hit again but this time it will make the first time look like kids play…  He then stated  “all gloves will be off  then…”  We will strike back with overwhelming ruthless force…  My question is why let it get to that point; lets be proactive instead of reactive… 

Time has long since come and gone for health care reform and Pres. Obama should get it done immediately…  It is crucial to our health and welfare as a nation…  So the President should not allow the hard noses on the right dictate to him what he know is right to do and take his majority vote to pass the bill…  I believe that is enough said on that…  History will forgive you Mr. Pres. for doing the right thing… 

Culturally Speaking, Spike Lee blasted Tyler Perry for making millions on the backs of  “Mad Black Women…”   One has to believe that black women are mad because look at the attention that these kinds of movies get…  I believe that Spike brings up a good point irrespectful of his motive; is that Mr Perry is accountable for the content of his films; “pro or con…” 
Culturally Speaking the black woman has always been the backbone of the black community as well as the world…  When the black woman is angry or mad it is directly reflected in the black community as well as the society at large…  Essence report(Sept. issue)  that black marriages are in a state of emergency…  The magazine reports that over 64% of all black women have never been marriage vs 57% white women who have wedded at least once(
http://www.essence.com/relationships/men/black_marriage_congress_talks_state_of_emergency.php  )…  I believe this is proof positive that “Black Women are Mad” at critically alarming levels that has gotten progressively worse for over the last four decades…  Now we are at a state of emergency that demand some immediate attention to prevent a total “melt-down…”

Wow…   Prof. Miller Lucky Jr. (http://www.luckysoulattraction.com/id66.html) points out in his book “why you aint got no man” several of the issues that are the cause of  the “Mad Black Woman” syndrome…  More importantly he has offered a solution…   As a result of the “Mad Black Women” our families are suffering, our young men are being raised to hate themselves, and marriage is something our grandparents did…  I also believe that this phenom is the cause of so many boy-girls and girl-boys in our society…  All symptoms of  what happens when, as Tyler Perry so eloquently portrayed it for all the world to see, the “mad black woman” is the norm in our community… 

Wow…What does this mean???  I believe it means that the black woman is the problem and the solution to all the ills of  our community and our society…  Yes, black women are angry, by their own admission, but (first big fat mad black woman but in the room) the reason why is the only things in question…  Prof. Miller Lucky Jr. says it is because of their lack of being able to effectively express themselves, “to just let it out…”  For so long the black woman has had to be everything for everybody and again she is being asked to do the same thing over again…  Angry or not, it is the black woman that has held everything together in our community while being raped by a slave master; to being beat by broken man;  to raising umpteen kids by umpteen men;  to being to sole bread winner;  to visiting the prison;  to all the things that has made us what we are as a people  today…  All along, it has been the black woman who has held it all together…   For that, we salute you…


In the last forty years the black woman’s  role has not changed but (big phat double negative but in the room) her position in the community has changed;  which has been confusing…  When the white man-made the black woman the preferred employee over the black man; in order to meet the federal mandates of affirmative action; the black woman  become the primary bread-winner for the black family which intimidated most black men…  Whether this was by design or happen-stance,  the results were the same; a crippled black family…  Thus my statement, that the black woman is the problem and she must be the  solution…   I know, I am going to hear it for that statement…  But (big lets face the facts but in the room) the truth is the truth and now lets start an honest open dialogue as Prof. Lucky says in his book to heal ourselves of this critical disease that has cause the “Mad Black Woman” syndrome…  The flip side of this is the total destruction of the black family…  Is this what Dr. King dreamed of when he spoke of our “God-given rights???”  God forbid… 

So I believe that Spike and Tyler have only opened the floodgates to a real problem and it is up to all of us to “FIX It…” 

“Pres. Obama: The Audacity of a “Social Chauvinist!!!””


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    interesting post !

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