“Pres. Obama: “The Audacity of “Isness!!!”””

“Pres. Obama: “The Audacity of ‘Isness’!!!””

This is some exciting stuff…
Let’s get right at it…
Check it: Wake up folks – This is not a “Black America or a White America-This is the United States of America” where we use the same brush on everyone… So how is it “Tiger Woods” has a “Sexual Addiction” when the much older White men (IE…Hue Hefner, Bill Clinton, Governor Sanford of SC, Eliot Spitzer, Thomas Jefferson, J. F. Kennedy just to name a few) that has gone before him were just being “Macho???”
Culturally Speaking – These kinds of things have been going on since Eve did it with Satan – So why all the uproar… Also why ain’t no one talking about all these women that threw themselves in the strong arms of a “Married Tiger???” Are they blameless??? And as Elisabeth on the view said, maybe the sex wasn’t that good at home for Tiger – which means that Tiger’s wife has some responsibility in this sit as well…

Ladies and Gentlemen – Life is full of finger pointers and very few understanders that only by the grace of God so go you…Wow… Let’s talk for a minute or two about how Tiger’s wife did not know something was going on for over five years and she sleeps with this guy??? How is it that you are married to a guy like “Tiger” and you can’t tell that there is something wrong in your relationship…  Tiger’s wife can not be considered a good wife and does not hold a candle to the likes of; Hillary or Camille or Lady Bird or Jackie O or Jacqueline Jackson or any number of good wives that are/were cognoscenti of their honored position and responsibility as the wife of such powerful popular men… So everyone here is responsible or at least should be…  Those who has done the responsible thing,  can now take pride in knowing that they are the honored ones and the example of a class of women who understand what it means when they hear, “Behind/beside a great man is a greater woman…  ” Thus the “Oughtness!!!”  

“A religious woman once said that her husband was cheating and she sought the Lord about what she should do – leave him, hit him, or be angry at him… She said, God spoke to her and said, “you should be angry at yourself because you let your husband leave the house “Hungry…” A hungry man will put his feet under the table of the woman that feeds him…” So she said, “she started to feed her husband very well everyday and he stopped eating other places… She finished the story by saying, “an empty gun will not fire and a full man will not eat…””Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

Need I say more??? I did not think so… 

Now to Pres. Obama and that awesome speech from Oslo…
One must take a deep breath when he/she thinks of the differences a year make and the perception of our nation around the world… I must also say, “Obama’s speech was a speech that “History” will warmly embrace for centuries to come…” I believe that it is his best speech ever… When one thinks of all the speeches of Presidents from the beginning of our country, only a handful are this memorable… I believe that this “Nobel” speech will be added to those notable ones… I was struck by the reflection of pass recipients such as this passage: 

“I refuse to accept despair as the final response to the ambiguities of history. I refuse to accept the idea that the ‘isness’ of man’s present nature makes him morally incapable of reaching up for the eternal ‘oughtness’ that forever confronts him.” (The words of Dr. Martin Luther King when he received his Nobel Peace Prize on the same day 41 years ago…)  “Isness” is the Moment. “Isness” is what is going on right here, right now, whether I like it or not. “Isness” is happening around, to, and in me. “Isness ” is the thoughts I think, the feelings I feel, and the sensations coursing through my body right now.  How timeless is that???
I am speechless…

To lighten things up a little, I was delighted to see “Will Smith and his family” present at this monumental occasion… “Will” has been a very good Ambassador for US(A) for a long time… 














Will’s wife and Michelle are among those “great women” that make sure their man is the best he can be at all times… What it takes to make that happen, only they know but (big special women but in room) it takes a special person to be that person for men like these… To all the ladies of these unique characteristics,”I salute you…”
I am sure it ain’t easy…

Pres. Obama summed up his speech with the following:

“So let us reach for the world that ought to be – that spark of the divine that still stirs within each of our souls. Somewhere today, in the here and now, a soldier sees he’s outgunned but stands firm to keep the peace. Somewhere today, in this world, a young protester awaits the brutality of her government, but has the courage to march on. Somewhere today, a mother facing punishing poverty still takes the time to teach her child, who believes that a cruel world still has a place for his dreams.”

All I can say is –
Do you feel me???
I am sure you do…


 OK, quickly… I almost could not believe my ears when I heard Thom say that he feel that “Tiger Woods” still deserves that “Congressional Medal” because he would not be the first person who had infidelities that received this same medal… Wow… That is a milestone… Thom is quite conservative and never takes a stand out front… So I salute you TJ… Now that, “Isness!!!”    

“Pres. Obama: “The Audacity of ‘Isness’!!!””    


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