“What does “Pres. Obama” have in common with the “Oriental Angel!!!””


This is some exciting stuff…   I hope everyone  is having a wonderful holiday season…  I pray that the you all have been spiritually uplifted with the truth of the real reason for the season…   Culturally Speaking – We as a people have become more commercial during this holy season than ever before…   So it is my desire that we all get more connected to the “spirit of the season” by giving and being a blessing to others; less fortunate or not…   That concludes my sermon for today…  🙂

Now let’s get to it…   
Check it:  “Where is Dr. Phil when you need him??? ”
Hey y’all, “Leave Tiger alone…”   Tiger is a young man who has a lot to learn about life and relationship…  He is a great golfer who has to deal with his present situation just like all the other high-profile person’s that have gone through the same thing…   The tragedy here is that we as a people have lost the “true understanding”  of “matrimony…”   If the “Tiger Woods saga” has done any good, it should be that we as a people must do some serious soul-searching about how our “divorce rate” affects us as a “world power…”   Hummmmmmmmmmmm!!!
So if “Tiger” is truly a US(A) imposed “Role Model,” then it is his responsibility to “lead” us through the drill of  “how to recover from a “sand pit!!!””  Tiger has never been able to just think about himself anyway, therefore he can’t think that way now…  Tiger now must live his life in the public – eye as never before,  so that all of us who look up to him can see how a true “Role Model” overcomes adversity…  So “Ms O”  –  the “Everyone is watching Tiger Reality Show” can be your first reality show for your new network…   Whether it is “Own” or “NBC,” Tiger owes it to US(A) to “live out loud” on national tv in his own reality show – because everyone is watching his life unfold anyway…   I believe this will be great therapy for him and great “Reality TV” for all of us drama addicted “Reality TV Junkies…”  🙂  “You know Tiger’s divorce from the “richest nanny on the planet” is going to be full of some serious “baby-mama drama” that “TMZ” will be all over…”   “Tiger might as well cash in on it too with his own “Reality Show…”   This way Tiger can answer all the speculation that will be thick as butter all around him…”  I hate to say this but (Big Phat Ghetto but in the room) the “Tiger Wood’s Reality Show” could be more “Ghettto” than “Flavor Flav!!!”   “It would be like “Flavor Flav” on steroids… ” 
Imagine the ratings… 
Besides, Tiger is going to need all the extra money he can find after this “SGDH”  gets through dragging his “RBAWBMD” ass throw the hazards…  🙂  Oh, “SGDH” mean “Swedish Gold Digging Nanny Ho!!!”   And “RBAWBMD” mean “Rich Black Athlete With Baby Mama Drama!!!”   🙂
Now that’s my spit on the matter; so lets move own…

Hats off to Pres. Obama and the courageous men/women of the Congress,  who looked history directly in the face to pass this historical “health insurance bill…”  
“It’s time has come… ” 
This is not just a victory for Pres. Obama but (Big “Bravo” But in the Room) for all of  US(A) who have been diversely effected in the past, present, and future by the lack of  health insurance…    To all of you courageous law makers who “put it all on the line” for the good of  all of  US(A); We the people of the United States of  America “Salute You…” 
Need I say more??? 
I didn’t think so…

Let me quickly address the new “Uncle Sam did not issue you a baby so you should not have one while in a war zone”  order…  “Wow that was a mouth full…” 
“GI – simply means “Government Issue;” everything else is “Contraband…”
Need I say more…  I did not think so… 

Last but not least; “What does “Pres. Obama” have in common with the “Oriental Angel???”  
Dahhhhhh, that is simple –
“They are both “Beyoncé” fans…  🙂
What were you thinking I was going to say???

Lou Jing was born 20 years ago in Shanghai to a Chinese mother and an African-American father…

According to the article by Emily Chang of CNN, this little angel does not see color; only possibilities…  This is a “warm and fuzzy” story about a young Chinese girl of  African-American decent, who comes to the realization that she is not different; just special…   The story talks about how her friends and family tried to explain to her why her skin was a different color from other Chinese…  Some of their reasons were just down right comical…   The story of  “Little Ms Oriental Angel” should remind all of  US(A) that God don’t make mistakes…   He gives everyone their special looks for the purpose of spreading his love to all mankind…   So today, whether you are black and speak fluent “Chinese” or you are white and speak “Ghetto;”  in this holiday season, let’s just remember we are all God’s  special children…  It sounds like an  “Amen” should go there somewhere…  Amen!!! 🙂

Do you feel me???
Say, “Yes!!!
Yes, we can!!!”

“What does “Pres. Obama” have in common with the “Oriental Angel!!!””


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