“Pres. Obama: The Audacity of “Careful Urgency!!!””

“Pres. Obama: The Audacity of “Careful Urgency!!!””


This is some great stuff…
Let’s get right at it…
So now is the day for the State of the Union” address by this First African American President in the History of this country… History is on this “black man’s” side because he is charting new territory and I think he gets that… The one thing that is most important for his speech tonight is his honesty to “We the People!!!” That is the one virtue that made Obama the candidate the perferred choice over all the rest – we the people believed him… Ok he has not be able to deliver on several of the promises he put forth in the campaign and there are several reasons why, but Pres. Obama must let US(A) feel that he has worked tirelessly trying to do the peoples business…

Culturally Speaking, Charles Shultz once used the phrase “Careful Urgency” to describe the situation we faced as a nation in the early Nuclear buildup of nation… I believe this phrase is very applicable now as a result of the economic situation we are in presently… Pres. Obama came into this office with this understanding thus the mantra – “Yes We Can!!!” He must remind the American people not to think like “Humpty Dumpy” because no one can do anything by ones self it always takes the help of someone else…
He must get US(A) all back to the “Yes We Can” feeling of the “Audacity of Hope and Virtue…”
This is what cause all of us to believe that we could change our nation for the better… Pres. Obama must remind US(A) that now it is the “Audacity of Carefull Urgency” that will get US(A) through this – And through this we will…

Can you feel me???
Say “yes yes yes we can!!!”
“Pres. Obama: The Audacity of “Careful Urgency!!!””


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