“Pres. Obama: “Job Well Done!!!””


This is some really exciting stuff …    As you all know by now that Pres. Obama did what his predecessor could not do and that is “Get Bin Laden…”  

 I believe that all Americans should be unified in one voice that this is one for the “Home Team…” 


And for anyone who would say that the SEALS should not have Killed Bin Laden – I say you are a hypocrite…   You sing the Anthems about America – like the “Star Spangler Banner” – but (first big listen to the words but in the room) you never listen to the words… If we did not kill our enemies we would all be speaking “German…”    Dahhhhhh!!!

So, to Micheal (who was on CNN tonight talking about the SEALS should have captured B.L.) and all the rest of the Pres. Obama Haters –

“Get wit it – We got him…”

So Pres. Obama, We the people of the United States of America, 

 “Salute you” and “God Bless America…”

“I know you feel me on this…”

“Yes we can…”
“Pres. Obama: “Job Well Done!!!””

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