“President Obama: The Audacity of the “Generational PTSD of Slavery!!!””


This is some exciting stuff so let’s get right at it…   I heard a lady say that, “If the government reneges on their debts then she will renege on her taxes…”   Wow…  This is some serious stuff…   We as a nation has always raised our credit limit in order to dig our way out of a financial situation since the beginning of the republic and this time should be no different…  And speaking of taxes, the congress, the president, and all the representatives should vote to raise taxes everyone making over 250k sooner than later…   Final word on this matter, if reducing the size of government was so important then why didn’t the Reps do it when Bush was spending and borrowing un-checked for eight years which is the very reason we as a nation is in this mess…


This is some serious stuff…  Now we as a people have suffered from the generational PTSD of Slavery for centuries – without treatment or compensation…  There is one thing that has caused we as a people to suffer from this condition more than anything else – not getting my “Forty Acres and a mule…”   Now Pres. Obama has been completing what Pres. Bush started from getting Bin Laden to not resenting the Bush tax cuts…  Pres. Bush promised to pay for desert shield by using Iraqi oil, but (first big but in the room) never took any oil and stuck USA with the bill…  Pres. Obama should go back to Iraq to get what is owed USa for the war as well as paying all Africans Americans for the broken promise of the “Forty Acres and A Mule” which is the root cause of our Generational PTSD of Slavery…   Just this past weekend, talkblack (Atanta) asked the question – “What is the future for the Black Woman???”   I believe the “Black Woman” is suffering from the “Generational PTSD of Slavery…”   Wow…  This is some serious stuff…   Pres. Obama, who will be known as the president who carried out the initiatives of his predecessors, should reach way back and fulfill the promise of Abraham Lincoln who promised all slaves and their descendant “Forty Acres and A Mule…”  

Wow, now that would be Presidential… 

If the Reps want to haggle over raising the credit limit wait until Pres. Obama purpose paying the descendents of millions of slave reparation for the broken promise of “Forty Acres and A Mule…”  Wow…  Now that is going to be “News!!!”


Do you feel me on this???

“President Obama: The Audacity of the “Generational PTSD of Slavery!!!””

One Response to ““President Obama: The Audacity of the “Generational PTSD of Slavery!!!”””

  1. […] Wow…   Even prior to becoming slaves, african women were the workforce of the african culture…  The african woman was responsible for all the cooking therefore that meant she was the one that gathered all the wood and water daily in order to accomplish this end…  And there are far too many accounts to mention of black women being used as laborer in the slave masters fields and in then required to satisfy his sexual advances at night…  Black women have always been strong – most of the time by nature and other times out of necessity (survival)…  A black woman’s African roots made her physically strong, but (another big phat “mental strength’ but in the room) black women had to develop a stong mental strength to deal with evils of slavery…  I wrote an earlier post which talked about if anyone considers black women as “Angry Black Women” then one would have to concede that it is the results of the “Generational PTSD of Slavery…”   https://culturallyconscious.wordpress.com/2011/07/10/president-obama-the-audacity-of-the-generational… […]

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