“Pres. Obama: The Audacity of Optimism…”

“Happy New Year 2012!!!”

Wow… Thank God for a new year because 2011 was a total wash for political bloggers… The “do nothing congress” did nothing and we all were forced to live through it… Pres. Obama had several triumphs but (first big phat hands tied behind his back but in the room) when it came to the political process, he came off looking like he had his hands tied behind his back while tittering on his heels…         

Wow… Last year was really a wash for everyone – foreclosures and unemployment was at an all time high; incomes and spending was at an all time low; and homelessness/hopelessness became  the norm for the so-called middle class…  I am sure Pres. Obama, himself,  is glad that 2011 is a part of his political past… Now let’s get on with 2012 and the audacity of optimism presidential campaign is his battle cry…

Wow… So what do I look forward to in this new year of blogging in this strange political landscape???

“Excitement, Daring and an a no holds barred dog fight”

– just to name a few… Pres. Obama is in the driver’s seat of 2012 and if there is a wreck, it will be of his own  doing… The GOP will do everything in their power to get him to crash and burn  if he loses focus/take his eyes off the road for only a second… The DEMS will do everything in their power to get an upgrade for their frequent rider miles even though most of them really never paid for their  ticket – “can someone say, “free loaders???” Wolf and the gang are in full “Mobilization  Mode” in expectation of one of the greatest political war since “the Hillary/Obama” epic four years ago… LOL…  With the stakes so high – the bookies are ordering new scratch pads to keep up with the rapid fire “odds taking” guaranteed to make them a hefty penny – and I can’t blame them – right now – it’s any man’s game…


 Wow… Pres. Obama has the victory of getting Bin Laden, making the speech that sparked the turnover of power in the middle east, and the Obama health care bill which give poor people a right to the best health care a citizen can have; yet he is fighting for his “political life…” Probably never in history has a president gone into his re-election campaign with – as many successes and as many doubts – as Pres. Obama…

Wow… Where did Pres. Obama run off the road during his presidency???

Great question, I am glad you asked it…  I believe Pres. Obama was in the weeds from the “git-go…”  The first thing he did was let the REPs  know that he was not willing to hold them accountable to their oath of office – I am sure they know what I am referring too – compromise, compromise, compromise…  Then Pres. Obama basically fulfilled all of Pres. Bush’s “unfinished business” to include but not limited to – the Iraq/Afghan wars, extending the tax cuts for the wealthy, and not holding anyone accountable for all the countless billions lost in Iraq/Afghanistan … http://youtu.be/FSK6sNbJVLc   Pres. Obama’s chose to take the high road but (another  big phat missed his “turn” but in the room) missed his “turn” and ended up in the weeds… The REPs have successfully kept him in the weeds from the very beginning and especially all of 2011… I am sure the REPs are proud of that too… It was not until the very last act of John Boehner at the end of 2011 that allowed Pres. Obama a clear path back on to the road…  I guess one could ask the question, “What the hell was Pres. Obama during on the road anyway – I thought he was going to take to the cosmos – you know, beyond the universe???”

Wow… So where in 2012  is Pres. Obama going to take USa???

That’s a great question, I am so happy you asked it… From my view point, Pres. Obama has the golden opportunity to firmly grip the wheel and throttle USa into an orbit that we have never been before… My nephew (Rudy) designed  a military craft that was capable of driving, diving, and flying… I thought he was crazy until the defense dept. took a long look at it… As I reflex on Pres. Obama’s upcoming campaign,  he is going to have to be able to “drive, dive, and fly” to overcome all the different assaults he will experience from those with one and – only one goal in mine – ensure he is only a one term president…   And like the defense dept. said, “that craft could be costly to make…”    It going to cost Pres. Obama an unprecedented amount of money to do what he will certainly have to do in order to even have a fighting chance…   

Wow…  Now that said, Pres. Obama certainly has what it takes to beat any contender on the field today…  He is probably the most intelligent president since Gerald Ford…   He is the most charismatic president since Bill Clinton…  And most importantly Pres. Obama is the most  militarily  successful president since Truman…   One would think these accomplishments would be a recipe for success…  Pres. Obama lacks the one thing that his predecessor was a master at – “a BAMN mentality…”   

BAMN means “By Any Means Necessary…”

Wow…   So it is my opinion that  if Pres. Obama does not take a page from the George Bush playbook he could be grounded for the rest of  2012 …  

Do you feel me??? 

Let me hear you say, “yes!!!”  


Wow…  You guys know that I like to keep it interesting – therefore here it is…  There very well could be someone in the Obama camp that really could take stage left right now…   I believe that Pres. Obama is as excited as any other president facing a tough reelection campaign but (yes another big phat – you got it – Michelle Obama but in the room) I really don’t believe Michelle is as excited as he is…  The First lady is a strong beautiful proud black woman who, I believe, has worn the mantle of being the “FIRST FIRST” really well…  She has a really hard   Chi-(south Side)-town demeanor – where a look can cut like a knife – proof positive is the look she had when she was booed at the Nascar race…  www.huffingtonpost.com/…/michelle-obama-booed-nascar_n_11040…   

It was priceless…  Probably less than how she is affected by  some of the response she gets from people around the country, I believe she is more concerned  about her daughters growing up under this type of strong emotional pressures they could face for another four years…  So I don’t expect to see a lot of Michelle (w/kids in tow) jetting along the campaign trail behind her hubby…    

Wow…  Do you feel me???

Let me hear you say, “yes… yes…yes we can…” 

Now there will also be another person missing in action this election campaign or at least will not have merely as much influence this year as the last time around – Ms O…  Ms O’s slip could fall off this time around and she would probably not even make the local evening news…

Wow…  As you can see, I am ready for this tug of war to begin…  It is my motto this year that no one is safe…  If you get knocked down, you are going to get stomped…  There is not bell to save you…  No grace period…  No mercy…  And as usual, there are – “No Holds Barred…”  So if you are not wimpy –  don’t have a weak stomach – got your war paint on – “then let the battles begin…”  

I promise this one will be one for the record books…

Wow…  And let me say, I predict that Pres. Obama will start this battle off with a “sucker punch…”  Why do I say this, because that’s all he got in 2011… 

The Pres. took them all,  BUT….


“Pres. Obama:  The Audacity of Optimism…”


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