“Pres. Obama: The Audacity of “Facta non Verba!!!””

Wow…  What a “Facta Non Verba” day for Pres. Obama…
2012 is starting off with – yes – “a sucker punk…”   I guess Pres. Obama is openning a new chapter in his presidency  called, “No More Mr. Nice guy politics…”  It is high time that he gets this “hoopty” off the ground and see if he can make a “Brick” fly… 

Wow…  There is alot going on so lets get right at it…  "Urban Model!!!"
Oh that was just my introduction…  Culturally speaking, Pres. Obama has been the “HNIC” for almost four years but ( first big phat yeah what Dick Gregory said – but in the room) like Dick Gregory said he hasn’t acted like it…  
JAcN5iKArQU   See culturally speaking, we still live in a sterotypical America where it does not matter whether you are Pres. Obama – first he is a black man…   I believe for that reason Pres. Obama has tried not to give any American a reason to say he is acting like a “HNIC…”   For three years he has been in the chapter called,

 “Compromise, Compromise, Compromise…” 

So now, no-one can say that Pres. Obama is  acting like a “HNIC” when he has tried so long to get along…  If  Pres. Obama’s first move in 2012 is any kind of indicator of his approach for the rest of the year then we are going to see  him acting a lot like a “NMMNG” (No More Mr. Nice Guy)…  

Wow…  Let face it the Reps never had any intention of dealing with Pres. Obama on a level playing field…  Culturally Speaking, black folk think it is because Obama couldn’t get a cab in Manhattan – because he is a black man…   I believe Pres. Obama has transcended race and has proven at least to me that he is first an American then President…   As long as the Reps run against the black  Pres. Obama they are guaranteed to lose…  Pres. Obama has allowed them to keep him in the weeds for almost three years but( another big phat black “NMMNG” but in the room) now

“No More Mr. Nice Guy…” 

Wow…  Now you all know that I like to keep it interesting…  It seems to me that all of the Reps running for the Presidency are all less than the best possible candidates for the job…  Unless someone comes out of nowhere to pick up the Reps agenda, this is going to be a one-sided race…  So the question that remains is who is that person???  I believe inspite of all that has been said about him, The Don could give Pres. Obama a real run for his money…  Hey the one thing The Don knows is money…   The other thing The Don Knows is marketing…   The Don has a lot of favors he could call in and a lot of rich people that would almost do anything to hear those magical works, “No new Taxes…” 

Wow…  This is some really exciting stuff… 

Do you feel me…  

I am sure you do…

Let me hear you say, yes, yes, yes we can… 

Wow…  If a character like “The Don” does not get into this race, Wolf and the game betterplan for a lot of “Late Night CNN shows” or we are going to be bored senseless…   I believe Pres. Obama has the foreign policy successes, the military victories, and enough
domestic accomplishments to give anyone a really bad  ride on the campaign trail…   This kind of record is what I call – mucho “Facta non Verba!!!”

Wow…  Either way, the Reps are going to fight a dirty fight now since Pres. Obama started off  2012 with a much deserved “sucker punch…”   So the fire works should be quite amazing…  Quite frankly, I can’t wait…

 “Pres. Obama: The Audacity of “Facta non Verba!!!””

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