“Pres. Obama: The Audacity of Vagina Politics…”

This is some exciting stuff so let’s get right at it…   Please let me say from the start that I am not sexist…  I believe that men and women have different political needs but (first but in the room) women get really serious when it comes to political talk about their medical health…   It is just a fact that I thought all politicians understood by now…   It is the 21st century…  Dahhhhhh…

Wow…  So how is it that the Reps candidates are all tripping over this issue???  It shows how out of touch they really are with the majority of the electorate, but (another big but in the room) this aint news…  The Reps are usually out of touch with the average American…   So why is it such an issue this year???  I believe the Reps really thought that most women were more passionate about their economic situation than their reproductive health care…   Oppssss, wrong answer….   From the time Uncle Rush blurted out that horrible sexist slur, it’s been all about “vagina politics…”  Then came Hilary Rosen…   Now that’s the thing about “vagina politics” it can be very unpredictable…   Then there is the Columbian version of “vagina politics” to add more fuel to the fire…   So whats next???   No matter what is next, one thing is for sure, the vagina is the driving force in this election and anyone who wants to be President for the next four years had better pay attention…

Wow…  Please allow me to go lateral here for a moment, the secret service workers in Columbia understood one thing about “vagina politics” some times it’s a good thing…   That said, I hope they are not relieved from duty if they were single, instead given some time off…   It’s obvious to me they certainly need some…time off that is… 🙂

Wow…   So back to “vagina politics”- we already know how the Reps are going to handle it, blame Pres. Obama…   Pres. Obama is going to have to  handle this very sensitive issue with the bed side manner of a gynecologist…  First thing he cannot do is hand it off to any woman to take care of…   Rosen has proven that will not work…   I believe that this is  an issue best addressed by a very special woman who speaks with authority to the agents of  “vagina politics” tactics – First Lady Michelle Obama…   I know you feel me on this  one…   Need I say more???   I didn’t think so…  

Wow…  Now you guys know that I like to keep it exciting, so here goes…   Pres. Obama has a secret weapon that he has been using a lot to combat all this “vagina politics” tactics and that is to disarm them with some Al Green…   It’s been working too…  I heard him do some crooning on the PBS: White House Blues concert not long ago…   Let me say, “He aint bad…”   He probably should only do it as a side job tho – He has a family to feed…  Haha…  I saw Funky Fred Westley” playing backup in the horn section at the White House Blues concert…   They were having a funky good time…

Can I Hear you say; yes, yes, yes we can…

“Pres. Obama: The Audacity of Vagina Politics…”


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