“Pres. Obama: What does “Pastor Dollar and Politics have in Common…””

Wow…   There is some really exciting stuff going on so let’s get right at it…   Let me say that lately the real story of this “lack luster” election season has been outside the belt…   These stories are what I call “Reality Life Stories (RLS)…”  

First of all, “Leaks???”   Give me a break; it is obvious, its “Deep Throat…”  

Oh, yeah – the private sector is doing just fine and rightly so; they are sitting on trillions of dollars they made from shipping our manufacturing jobs overseas…  So tell me why they are not doing “fine???”  And also, tell me why they are not paying fines for not reinvesting those trillions back into the American economy…  So for the private sector, the well-being of the American economy has become a game…  In that case, President Obama should play along with them…   He should use his “Executive Power” to give indefinite deferment to all student loans taken out from when the recession began in 2007; because these are the people this  private sector game hurts the most… 😕

Wow…  So what does “Pastor Dollar and Politics have in Common???”  

Culturally Speaking, we as people have always thrived when we have used the “N-Yo-Face” approach to our reality…  In other words, we have always believed that “Actions-Speak-Louder-Than-Words…”  The Pastor Dollar case has captured the news headlines the same way Politics does…  First of all Pastor Dollar is a very wealthy, famous, and outspoken religious leader of thousands of followers from around the world…  He has been in Ministry for over two decades and with a name like Dollar, it isn’t any wonder that his ministry deals directly with “Christianity and Prosperity…”  Pastor Dollar has always promoted a strong family unit which he believes is a key factor to a prosperous Christian Lifestyle…  If you visit his website http://www.creflodollarministries.org you will see that the majority of the ministries listed deal primarily with family matters…  I visited his church in the nineties when I resided in the Atlanta area and was encouraged by his “N-Yo-Face” approach to delivering the word…  At the time, I called Pastor Dollar – Kenneth Copeland Jr. because, to me they sound so similar…   Culturally speaking, in the mid nineties, black preachers – “Preached” with fire and brimstone, but (big phat but in the room) Pastor Dollar taught the word like a Professor – breaking the mold…  Secondly, Pastor Dollar is not a stranger to controversy…  All one has to do is google Pastor Dollars name and you will see several cases where his ministry is mentioned/accused on several fronts/by different allegators…  Pastor Dollar addressed each of these allegations with the same  “N-Yo-Face” approach he use every Sunday with thousands of his follows…  I believe Pastor Dollar is a true man of faith who believe that the word of God works for everyone…  You see these kind of preachers believe you must practice what you preach…   

Wow… So what does “Pastor Dollar and Politics have in Common???”

There are the good and the bad in every occupation which certainly include Politics…  So for the sake of this blog we will concentrate the good Politicians…  I can hear you thinking, “who are the good politicians???”   The definition of the word Politician according to www.dictionary.comis accross the spectrum…  The first part of the definition says;

a seeker or holder of public office, who (check-dis-out) is more concerned about winning favor or retaining power than about maintaining principles…” 

Wow, this is certainly not the definition that I am referring to when I say good Politician… 🙂

Actually, it was very difficult to find a definition of a good politician, therefore I had to use the descriptions used by http://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/top-ten-good-politicians/ …  Check-Dis-Out:

At the Good Men Project Magazine, we want to believe that there are a few good men in politics. We need to believe it. So we spent the last few months looking for them. 

We looked for men with integrity and intellectual honesty.

We looked for men who respect their political opponents, treat their constituents like the adults they are, and promote openness and transparency in government.

We looked for men with compelling ideas—and the ability and vision to turn those ideas into action. Do we endorse everything they stand for? No. But we can respect those we disagree with.

We looked for men who can see beyond the next election cycle and who have the political courage to lay the foundation for America’s future success—even if it means making unpopular decisions today.

We looked for men who are willing to work in good faith with those from across the aisle in order to get things done.

We looked for men who are not afraid to challenge their party’s leadership when that leadership is putting politics and partisan mudslinging above what’s best for the country.

Most importantly, we looked for men who aren’t completely full of shit…

Wow…  I guess that says it all – especially that last part… 🙂   So what does “Pastor Dollar and Politics have in Common…”  A lot…   A  politician and a pastor both represent a group of people with like beliefs…   They both speak adamantly about their beliefs from a podium (which  I like to refer to as their soapbox), with a loud-speaker, and in front of  large groups of people … 🙂  And most importantly, they are subject to public opinion about their every action…   Now I believe, the good pastors and politicians “practice what they preach…”   So, needless to say I am not surprised to hear that Pastor Dollar was willing to be arrested than to not discipline his daughter according to what he believes is what is instructed believers to do in the bible…  {Please allow me to say that I do not condone child abuse, but (big phat its in the bible but in the room) I do agree that a true believer should have the right to discipline their children according to their biblical beliefs…}   Pres. Obama, who has done everything in his power to dig this nation out of the huge hole that the former administration left US(a) in, is also subject to ridicule and lies by the Reps for doing what he believes is best for US(a)… 

Wow…  Good politicians and pastors have to always overcome allegations of falsehoods by pleading their case from their podiums to gain support from their followers…  In both cases there will always be those who disagree with them and accuse them falsely…   I believe Pres. Obama is a warrior just like those he has ordered to the front-lines…  He stands strong in the face of enemies foreign and domestic…   I am sure that Christians world-wide support Pastor Dollar’s decision to discipline his children how he belief instructs…   One thing is for sure there will always be the “Naysayers” no matter what they  do…   I say let the “Naysayers – nay…”

Wow…  As the old adage says, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything…” 

I know you feel me on this…

Let hear you say, “Yes we can – win the future…”

“Pres. Obama: What does “Pastor Dollar and Politics have in Common…””


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