“Pres. Obama: Yes We Still Can…The Audacity of a Solid Foundation…”

Wow…  There is some really exciting stuff going on these days so let’s get right at it…

Let me start off by saying, I have my ‘Community Credential Activated’ and in hand; I am convention bound… Wow… I am excited, fired up, and ready to go… Someone asked me what has Pres. Obama done in the last four years that warrants him another term??? It was a very easy question for me, “What hasn’t he done…” Wow… As one who vets everyone based on their performance, Pres. Obama’s performance has Trumped (no pun intended) every president since Roosevelt…?

Wow… Any honest observer would have to agree that we as a nation has not faced as dismal of a future as we faced when Pres. Obama took office… Pres. Obama overcame un-believerable odds to just keep US(a) from falling into a total depression… For that alone, I believe Pres. Obama deserves a second term… Pres. Obama also overcame the all out assault of the Reps in congress… Everyone has heard Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) statement http://politicalwire.com/archives/2010/10/25/bonus_quot… October 25, 2010; “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.” Wow… Did that say it all or what… I have only one question, “How in hell did Pres. Obama get anything done with this kind of out right disregard for authority facing him every day…” The Reps failed which says to me that if the Pres. could have gotten a little help from the “right” we would be really in the black… Wow… Lastly, Pres. Obama is “Cool…” That is important… A “Cool” President makes leadership look effortless and besides other nations would rather deal with a “Cool” Pres. vs. a Nerd… 🙂

Wow… Culturally Speaking, it is believed in the black community that a black man always gets something when the white man is done with it or expects it to fail… For some, that is exactly what happened to Pres. Obama; the previous president left this country and the office of the Presidency in such a mess that they needed a black man to blame the country’s failure on… Well the last time I checked the country did not fail and Pres. Obama got a lot of what he set out to accomplish…

Wow… Pres. did what we in the construction business call re-enforcing the foundation… In re-construction everything starts with first establishing a good foundation… To the un-trained eye, it appears that very little progress is being accomplished but (first big phat but in the room) the stronger the foundation the longer time it takes to build it…  The longer time it takes to build it,  the bigger the structure that can be put on it… Pres. Obama not only deserves another term to complete the shovel ready  government/economy rebuild but (another big phat audacity of hope yes we can but in the room) another opportunity to fulfill the promise of “yes we can…”

Wow… Can I hear you say “Yes We Can…” I know you can feel me on this… You all know I like to keep it exciting – so – what’s up with Al Roker and the stare down… I am just saying… It was quite impressive… Maybe we should all use Mr. Roker approach to stare them down each time another Rep says something stupid… I’m just saying…

Wow… Let me hear you say, “Yes, yes, yes we can…”

“Pres. Obama: Yes We Still Can…The Audacity of a Solid Foundation…”


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