“Pres. Obama: Gummy Bears vs. Whatchamacallits…”

Wow… There was lots of excitement last week with the Dems convention in full-effect; I am suffering from withdrawal – so let’s get right at it… First things first, 95,000+ jobs are far better that the 700,000+ jobs loss per month when Bush left Office… According http://zfacts.com/node/336 (December 9, 2011) “The economy was collapsing at its fastest rate since the Great Depression when Obama took office. In his second month he got Congress to pass a jobs stimulus bill worth about $900 billion. This helped stop the collapse and heightened the first spike in job growth. But the Republicans blocked more stimulus and by August 2010, falling stimulus spending began reducing job growth.”

Wow… Secondly, Democrats’ truth vs. GOP lies After Republicans’ blatant dishonesty in Tampa, Democrats hew toward truth and win the fact-checking wars … http://www.salon.com/2012/09/07/democrats_truth_vs_gop_lies/

Wow, whats up with all the Reps lies??? I know politics is a dirty game but (first big lying but in the room) lying takes it to a different level – corruption… I believe a candidate must be held ruthlessly accountable for all the lies they knowingly repeat… What good is the oath of office if the candidate is one known to lie to get his way… Wow, this is government at its worst if liar is not put in CHECK…

Wow… finally, “Are we better off than we were four years ago???” Everyone truly know the truth to this question – a resounding – “Yes…” It does not take a rocket scientist to figure our that four years ago this country was sliding off a cliff into a deep depression… Pres. Obama saved USa from economical disaster – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c25UKzsTUK0 – falling off the economical cliff… Wow… As we see in this interview before Pres. Obama took office, economist were describing our economy as one so unstable that it was tittering on the edge of the cliff… So we should really give Pres. Obama for Keeping USa from ending up at the bottom of the cliff in a deep depression…

Wow… Now this campaign has been full a bunch of lies and exaggerations to which I say, “Let the Debates Begin…” “Pres. Obama – Gummy Bears vs Romney – Whatchamacallits…” Wow… So the stage is set… I can hear the Dems now asking the Romney camp to explain all the lies and exaggeration they told during their convention; not-to-mention the women issues… The debates are going to be a powder cage of mud slinging and ‘whatchamacallits from the Romney camp… Pres. Obama’s camp can be ‘Cool’ and ‘reserve’ as they strategically aim their ‘color-coded’ arsenals of ‘yummy Gummy’ bears square into the Romney campaign ‘out-of-touch’ and ‘not always truthful’ propaganda machine…

Wow… All I got to say, ‘Let the debates begin…’ 🙂 Now I am sure that Pres. Obama is going to handily take Romney down with the mere facts, but (a big watch out for ‘Joe’ but in the room) Ryan had better watch out for ‘smokin Joe Biden…’ Joe, unlike Pres. Obama can and will go off script… Joe might be the elder statesman, yet he is as quick/sharp as ever… Did someone say, ‘N-Yo-Face’ politics… Joe is not one to back down and the harder you come at him, the harder he will return every blow… Ryan had better be fight ready – a 1-2 combination will not be enough… Joe has had a lifetime in the political arena to develop his skill and develop he has… As Joe has said many times, “don’t bet against USa” – you are guaranteed to lose every time… So again I say, “the Dems are stocking up on gummy bears and the Reps are stocking up on whatchamacallits;” and let the best man win…

Wow…  As you guys know, I like to keep it interesting, so here goes…   I have tweeted several times that Pres. Obama should give former Pres. Bush credit for his proclaimation during his state of the union speech before envading Iraq – where Bush said the Iraqi war would be paid for by Iraqi Oil…  I believe Pres. Obama could reduce the cost of gas down to 1990 levels by getting oil owed to USa from Iraq…  The the liberation of Iraq practically put USa in a depression when historically war is profitable for a nation…

Wow…  Do you feel me???   I know you do…

Let me hear you say, “Yes, yes, yes we can…”

“Pres. Obama: The Audacity of “Gummy Bears vs. Whatchamacallits…””


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