“Where is the Justice, Help, and Assistance for EACH of the residents of this poor minority Ferguson community…”

The Ferguson PD traumatized all the residents of that minority community by pointing guns, shooting rubber bullets, throwing percussion grenades, and throwing gas at and around the residents of this minority Ferguson community for four days…

Why is FEMA not providing counseling and assistant to all these traumatized victims by of  the Ferguson Police Dept who had to be removed by the Governor…Protesters carry signs that read "I am a man" following the killing of Michael Brown.  Ferguson, Missouri, Aug. 11, 2014.

Where are the legal personnel filing actions on behalf of EACH traumatized resident of this poor Ferguson minority community who are victims with the “National Association of Crime Victim Compensation board” –

http://www.nacvcb.org/index.asp?bid=14 …

Each victimized resident is entitled to Federal/State compensation and assistance which is the right of all Americans when they have been traumatize due to a violent act by anyone which should include this situation…  Each resident have a constitutional right and expectation to not be terrorized in their own neighborhood by those sworn to protect us; in this case the Ferguson PD…

 Riot police in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, Aug. 11, 2014.   (Source: @FOX2now / Twitter)

Where is the NAACP filing law suits against the Ferguson PD for EACH resident for TRAUMATIZING them by pointing guns, shooting rubber bullets, throwing percussion grenades, performing false arrest of old and handi-cap people, and throwing gas at  the residents of this minority Ferguson community for FOUR days…  Police face off against rioters in Ferguson, MO. (Twitter/@_KingSoloman_)

The Ferguson police dept. was so terrorizing of this minority community to such extreme that they had to be removed and stripped of their sworn positions to protect and serve this poor minority community by Gov. Nixon… 

Where is justice, help, and assistance for all the residents of the Ferguson community and especially the Brown family…  No amount of money and assistance will bring Michael Brown back but counselling, FEMA assistance, and compensation from the city, state, and Federal government for their traumarization by the Ferguson PD will help this poor minority community to begin the healing process…Michael Brown, Sr., and Lesley McSpadden appear publicly to bring attention to the death of their son, Michael Brown, 18. (Source: AP Photo / Jeff Roberson)

We spent billions of dollars in Iraq to rebuild that country just like the government does for every country that had been traumatized by military like actions…  What about US(A)???



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