“What’s in Michael Brown’s mind with Hands up (International Signal of Surrender)???”

I just heard a very impressive analysis of the Michael Brown case on CNN by Former Police Officer/FBI Agent Tom Fuentes…  

Mr. Fuentes went through the timeline, from the convenient store until the time Michael Brown raised his hands…  The one point that Fuentes made very clear that it was important,

“What was in Brown’s mind???”  

Of course we know that we will never hear Michael Brown tell us verbally what he was thinking because the Police Officer Wilson BLEW his brains out in the middle of the street…  So what do we have to draw from to ascertain what Michael Brown could have possibly been thinking???  

Former Police Officer/FBI Agent Tom Fuentes said, everything basically rest with what was in Brown’s mind…

Therefore from several eye witnesses testimony; Mike Brown, After backing away from the Police Officer Wilson ran 35 feet before being shot the second time (IN THE BACK)… Then from several eye witnesses testimony, Michael Brown turned and DEMONSTRATED exactly what he we thinking,


with the international signal of surrender; known all over the world – “Hands Up…”   I am certain we know what Brown was thinking from his actions…  

Now the question remains, what was Officer Wilson thinking when he saw Brown’s international signal of surrender???  

I can’t tell you what Officer WIlson was thinking but because of several eye witnesses testimony, I can tell you what he did –

Officer Wilson shot Michael Brown several more times…

YOU TELL ME WHAT OFFICER WILSON WAS THINKING BASED ON HIS ACTIONS???  Lemesee, we have the victim 35 feet away with hands up and we have the shooter 35 feet away shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, etc…  

Now, what are you thinking???


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