“Fruit don’t fall far from the tree…”

Black folk got a saying,

“Fruit don’t fall far from the tree…”

Ferguson Police Officer Wilson’s mother, Tonya Harris, according to this article, had a long history with the law… She plead guilty to numerous counts of forgery and stealing…

Forgery is lying on paper and we all know what STEALING is…

Stealing is what Ferguson Police Officer Wilson shot Michael Brown multiple times for doing… Hummm???  

Remember, the Ferguson Police Chief said that his officer Wilson did know, didn’t know, and then he knew that Michael Brown had done but not convicted of something his mother did and was convicted – stealing…  

Suppose another Officer had treated Officer Wilson’s mom the same way Officer Wilson treated Michael Brown???  That’s something I believe Officer Wilson should think about…  

The bible says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…”

In 2001, according to this article, she was sentenced to five years in prison but it appears she served most, if not all of it on probation… 



Based on these facts, I would think that Ferguson Police Officer Wilson would be more sympathetic…  

Please allow me to salute the St Louis Police Chief Dotson for standing up and stepping out into the protesters at the shooting to assure the community that he will keep them informed…

“Fruit don’t fall far from the tree…”


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