Missouri police officers say “Freeze???”

Letmesee, where do I begin…


I listened to St. Louis Police Chief Dotson described in detail the verbal commands he said his officers used in this encounter…  

I never heard him say his officers directed the victim to “Freeze…”

So why are all these other witnesses supposedly hearing Missouri police officers say “Freeze???”

Is Freeze apart of Missouri police training???

Freeze is not a proper police command because it is vague – not direct or clear… Chief Dotson never said his officers used “Freeze” as a command…  

The following is from a reported eye witness account: “From about seven or eight feet away from the officers, the man continued to scream and the officers yelled at him to freeze, according to Addison. As the man took a “half step” toward police, police then fired, each of two officers firing about five times, Addison said.” http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/08/19/st-louis-officer-shooting/14295137/ 

Need I say more???



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