Pres. Obama, I am being harassed by a group of drivers who by definition are highway terrorist…

As you all know, I have been harassed by several drivers who by definition are highway terrorist… These people are very organized with excellent communication technology… I would really “HOPE” the Government investigates this groups and groups like this because I believe that they are dangerous and cause unsuspecting drivers to wreck…

TOnight this vehicle SRX-8350 followed me on NC421N at approximately three car links with their lights on high beam from approx. mm 159 to mm 171 at approx 07:30am … THis is one of their tactic while at the same time they some how signal oncoming traffic to turn on their bright lights too… Holla back if you have had an experience like this???

Pres. Obama should have the FBI to investigate this group and groups like because a citizen should have the right to not be tracked in any way or to be harassed on Federal/State roads that our tax dollars fund…  There are two large Road/highway construction jobs along my route NC421/87…  So by any means necessary, I vehemently request Federal intervention to stop this groups harassing way and hold them accountable…  

I am just saying…


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