“Viola Liuzzo Who?”

Mrs. Viola Liuzzo, will not be forgotton. I pray one day her name will be well known. She was such a brave woman. Witha true chirstian heart for righteous. Gave her life for the cause. I was so touch by hear, for she was white, but yet she was concern for people of color.
She will be remembered…
“We will never forget!”

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On the eve of a history making democratic debate, I began to look back down the crossroads of time, reminiscent of how we got here.
As I strolled through the dark days for the sixties from Selma to Montgomery, I ran across an unfamilar name of a fallen soldier.
I am sure as most people, I did not recognize this fallen Civil Rights activist. The first thing that came to mine was,

“Viola Liuzzo who?”

I began to think out loud, this does not sound like a black person’s name. Neither does this sound like a man’s name. No, this person seems to be a white woman. Do you mean a white woman is among those who gave their lives for Hillary and Obama to face off tonight in an equal forum???

You know my cultural heart rate was off the charts. My consciousness was tasered by this revelation. Ms…

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