“It is time for CHRISTIANS to stand up in every church around the nation; singing Amazing Grace, and proclaim “Black lives matter…””

Wow…  There is a lot going on so lets get right at it…

Finally, a white man has the righteousness to stand up and speak truth to power, without reservation, that these EVIL police, pretending to be CIVIL SERVANTS, are wrong and methodical in their efforts to shoot down UNARMED BLACK men…  
Enough is enough…
It’s going to take the TRUE CIVIL Servants standing up to point out the wicked ones, who they know by their racist comments and actions, have evil intentions… If another pilot had reported the disturbing behavior of the young Germanwings pilot who INTENTIONALLY crashed his plane, one hundred and forty nine people would still be alive…

THe same goes for EVIL police who are not
worthy to be called CIVIL SERVANTS…  

As a former University Police Officer, who took the oath to “Protect and Serve,” I find these renegade police to be like terrorist whose sole purpose it is to terrorize black men…  There is no telling how many times this crooked cop harassed this black man and others before this incident…  Just like Ferguson, there were warning signs that went unaddressed…  

As I stated in yesterday’s blog, at noon day prayer on wednesday at Wells Memorial COGIC church (COGIC is the very prominent  black church organization, where in their headquarters – Mason Temple, Dr. King gave his famous last speech before being killed fighting for the Civil Rights of black people) a middle age black man made the comment in ref. to these evil white men shooting unarmed black men as “just the beginning of sorrow…”
As I said yesterday, “the devil is a lie…”  https://i0.wp.com/www.blackpast.org/files/blackpast_images/King_Last_Sermon.jpg
I don’t believe Dr. King, Mrs. Viola Liuzzo, and the many others who gave their lives for the CIVIL RIGHTS of black people died in vain; so that in 2015 these civil rights violations are happening all over again…  COGIC and Dr. King are eternally recognized as the example of how when people stand together for righteousness, things change for the betterment of all mankind…  
Wow…  Just as was done forty seven years ago, we as a people, must stand together all across this nation to say “We are not going back…”  It is time for CHRISTIANS to stand up in every church around the nation; singing Amazing Grace, and proclaim “Black lives matter…”
Wow…  “Amazing grace” is the most popular hymn around the world; it is sang by christians everywhere…   I believe we as a people need to have a “Million Christian Man” march on Washington to stand on one accord and sing “Amazing Grace” as a demonstration of unity against renegade cops shooting down unarmed black men…
It is time out for people in churches to act as if this is business as usual…  This aint business and it certainly aint usual…  As Dr. King said, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere…”

George Zimmerman said it was God’s plan that he shot a young unarmed black 17 year old child begging for his life down dead in Stanford, Fl…   http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2012/07/19/george-zimmerman-says-killing-trayvon-martin-was-all-gods-plan  

“The devil is a lie…”

“Black lives matter…”

This kinda of Godless/heartless mentality is the problem and should be considered a danger to all mankind if it is left un-addressed…  

If the church does not stand up as a united front to address all these heartless murders;

“BLOOD is on all their hands…”  

“It is time for CHRISTIANS to stand up in every church around the nation; singing Amazing Grace, and proclaim “Black lives matter…””

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