Dr. King and Dr. Viola Liuzzo did not give their life for TODAY BLACK LIVES NOT TO MATTER…

I would like to thank you all for your prayers

as I recovered in the hospital from being poison in my apartment by the people in adjacent apartments around mine…  This has been going on for a year and a half ago since new management took over and all my old neighbors moved out… I very rarely see my new neighbors; once or twice a month which is strange… The sad and disturbing part of this story is that I have reported this to Greensboro Police Department several times, to my landlord at Burkelycommunities.com many times – with pictures as proof, and to the NC Attorney General’s Office to no avail – no one investigated my claim…

As many of you know, I have been posting about being under attack by this group of people, I call Klandish; who I believe are some of the people who live next to me on all sides… Last Wednesday and Thursday it went from harassment to criminal assault by poison with intent to do serious bodily harm and/or murder… I only thought these people were throwing stuff over their balcony on to mine or blowing it under my door until I physically saw someone spray a solution through a hole in my wall…

I immediately contacted the landlord, who was the district manager, she came up to my apartment – looked at the holes in the wall and liquid evidence running out of it then went back down stairs and to my knowledge – did nothing… As a result of this criminal act by unknown assailants, I was very sick and had to check into the hospital with pesticide/herbicide poisoning symptoms… These types of hole are on all side walls and there are several in the ceiling… 

As you know, I ended up in Cape Fear Valley Hospital in Fayetteville NC early Saturday morning really sick…  I found myself in the hands of some very pleasant, professional,  and knowledgable staff who took great care of me…  I also called the Fayetteville Police Department and they sent an officer C. Crews out to my hospital room…
 Officer C. Crews listened to my claim and FOR THE FIRST TIME A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER DID SOMETHING…  He knew his involvement could only be as a liaison officer to the proper authorities at GPD; what he did was his job…  I hope and pray that someone in Greensboro does their job and follow-up with me…  GPD Officer Nichols came out to my apartment on Tuesday 04/14/2015 but  did not write a report… On Thursday night o4/16/2015 two GPD Officers, answered my call,  came out to my apartment and I showed them the holes but they did not do anything…  I have called the Attorney General’s office, the City of Greensboro several times but no one took my case serious enough to assign a detective…  Thank God Officer C. Crews come over to my hospital room…                        

'Holes beside my picture on the wall...'The fact of the matter is that what is happening to me could happen to anyone…  ANYBODY’S NEIGHBOR IN THEIR APARTMENT OR THEIR HOTEL ROOM NEXT DOOR COULD DRILL SMALL HOLES THROUGH THE WALLS OR CEILING TO LOOK INTO YOUR ROOM WITH FIBER OPTICS…  Fiber strands (the core of the fiber optic cable) are extremely thin, no thicker than a human hair.
YOU, YOUR WIFE OR YOUR CHILDREN MIGHT BE BEING VIDEO TAPED EVERY TIME YOU GO TO THE REST ROOM, TAKE A BATH OR JUST GET DRESSED…  A hole in your next hotel room wall or ceiling could be the one where a pervert record your every NAKED move… 
'I stuck this green thing in a hole in my wall as an Thegidentifier...'I hope everyone can now see how impJohn Jacobs's photo.ortant it is for Police Officers to take these cases serious…  So I hope,  the next time you check into a FIve Star Hotel, and find holes in the walls and ceilings, you think twice about this blog…  God forbid that someone is spraying toxic fumes through a holes like what happened to this poor lady a
'This is the hole I showed the landlord - District manager'
'I circled the holes in my wall beside and behind my TV which is directly across from where I sit...'and her son who died because of fumes in their hotel room… http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2638593/Mother-son-11-died-killer-hotel-room-starts-foundation-raise-carbon-monoxide-awareness.html  This Holiday Inn I am in right now has holes in the walls and ceiling…  You know it’s got me on edge because of what I have been through with the holes in my apartment…

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