Freedom of Speech still under attack; Black Political Blogger poisoned to silence…

Ms. Alma Adams for Congress​, Greensboro Police Department​ NC Attorney General’s Office​ The United States Department of Justice​ The White House​ FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation​
I just spoke with a lady in the GPD Chief”s office name Yvonne as I tried to make an appointment to speak with Chief Scott in reference to my case of someone spraying poison into my apartment per instruction from Joy – assistant NC State Attorney General’s Office… I explained to her that GPD could have at least given ME a CASE NUMBER, TAKEN SAMPLES, AND SPOKE WITH NEIGHBORS…
I have been complaining about this for over three months now; the harassment has been going on for over a year… I have called 911 twice and management said they called once… I don’t understand why GPD does not take me or my case seriously when I believe these attacks are because I am Blogging while black… This is not just a phrase because my FREEDOM OF SPEECH is under attack… They have effectively silenced me because I stay sick and when the poison is high it greatly effects my ability to maintain train of thought… I believe these people are trying to silence me… I need your help… Yvonne never said she would make an appointment for me to speak with the chief; she just said she would try to get me some help… We will see where this goes… No-one can talk for me but me so why doesn’t GPD take a report and investigate…

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After a vicious poison attack in my apartment from what has symptoms like pesticide and/or herbicide; I spent three days in hospital… I BELIEVE I AM UNDER ATTACK FOR BEING A BLACK MALE PRO-OBAMA, PRO-BLACK LIVES MATTER, AND FOR BEING PRO-OBAMA CARE LONG TIME BLOGGER… As a result of this attack I haven’t been able to blog much and have been forced to spend money I don’t have for medical care… I have been an activist all my life for justice and a fair playing field… I never been arrested for a crime, I have only had to speeding tickets in my entire life (and I have over a half million mile behind the wheel) and I served honorably in the army reserves for twenty years…  

Freedom of Speech still under attack; Black Political Blogger poisoned to silence…

I am appalled that I am getting little to no help from…

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