“Wow… Analysis of these statements through the principles of the “Science of Observation” LOOKS LIKE ISIS SCHEDULE ATTACKS AROUND WHAT PRESIDENT OBAMA SAYS/DOES TO MAKE HIM LOOK BAD…”


Wow… The following statements was written by Ron Fournier: “Obama called it a “J.V. team” be­fore it star­ted be­head­ing Amer­ic­ans. He said it was “con­tained” be­fore it at­tacked Par­is.”
Wow… Analysis of these statements through the principles of the “Science of Observation” LOOKS LIKE ISIS SCHEDULE ATTACKS AROUND WHAT PRESIDENT OBAMA SAYS/DOES TO MAKE HIM LOOK BAD… Wow… Looks like ISIS operates INLINE AND on the side of the Republicans because REPUBLICANS attack several things President Obama imagesCASI1FIKsays/does to try to make him look bad… Wow… I am just saying, as one who believes in the “Science of Observation,” things ARE most of the time as they APPEAR… Thank God for video cameras, which has been front and center in recent history in several cases that proved what is being said is not what has happened… Wow… I am just saying… I PERSONALLY have a situation that I am dealing with that it appears no-one in law enforcement believes me about but (a big phat but in the room) like the security guard at GPD HQ told me (prior military), if people had not overlooked the things that did not look right with the terrorist living in this country before 9/11 maybe 9/11 could have been prevented… national_park_service_9-11_statue_of_liberty_and_wtc_fireWow, what a powerful statement… This article accurately point out how things look in the relationship of what Pres. Obama says/does and how ISIS respond in it’s attack time schedule… I believe this should not be overlooked, 0519196f15e9a01371208b37fdd1629231494d-wmbut (yes another big phat but in the room) should be INVESTIGATED… Wow… I am just saying…

Wow…  THe Science of Observation can also be used with reason and deduction to create courses of action…  These courses of action basically came from information gathered from the news outlets about the Paris terrorist attacks…  I am sure I am not the only person who noticed them…

Wow…  First and foremost, I believe President Obama should treat ISIS the way he treats the Republicans “Bait them with Beer…”  In essence get ISIS talking allot…  Accuse them of falling apart, to be renegades or anything that will make them want to make Pres. Obama look bad ; then listen, listen, listen…   Pres. Obama or anyone military or law enforcement should not refer to ISIS as a wolf but as “mad dogs” because from everything I see on the news networks, true followers of Islam don’t consider these radicals to represent Islam.

Secondly, I suggest using the Catch, tag, and release (CTR) technique…  This is how it works: catch as many ISIS members that you believe have been radicalized and can become an active terrorist, then implant an electronic tracker in them, then follow them electronically back to the group, and then drone them…   Don’t hide the fact of what you did which will cause the group not to trust anyone who has been compromised and subjected to CTR…  The caught radicalized member who doesn’t return to the group might still need to be eliminated because he might become a renegade…

Third, I suggest injecting distrust in the ranks of ISIS by accusing them of not being Faithful and not being Trustworthy…  Report that those caught always sells the group out for money and that they always claim to be the mastermind which will under-mind the true masterminds of the group…

Fourth, it is time-out for family members and friends and neighbors not taking some responsibility for not making an intervention and/or reporting to the FBI anything that doesn’t add up with their family member, friend, and neighbor…   paris-attacksThere is no excuse because reporting is easy; it can be done from a cell phone…  Anyone who does not take responsibility should be charged with aiding and abetting a potential terrorist…  Terrorism is everyone’s responsibility…

Last but not least, a black Frenchman interviewed after one of the explosions on the street in Paris said he noticed a man coming out of the restroom who was sweating profusely which he thought to himself was strange…  He stated that after the blast he realized that the terrorist was the same person soldato-futuro-1who was sweating profusely…  Analysis of this eye witness observation indicates that law enforcement agencies should use target acquisition devices that can easily identify any heighten body temperature of a potential radicalized terrorist at great distances…  A heighten body temperature could indicate that the person in question is wearing an explosive vest or are hiding something…  I believe law enforcement should use target acquisition devices which will give them a heat signature to identify heighten body of potential terrorist a long way off…

Wow…  The following is my city’s motto:

 “Partnering to fight crime for a safer Greensboro…”

Terrorism  is everyone’s problem therefore we should all partner together as global citizens to defeat  ISIS…

“Wow…  Analysis of these statements through the principles of the “Science of Observation” LOOKS LIKE ISIS SCHEDULE ATTACKS AROUND WHAT PRESIDENT OBAMA SAYS/DOES TO MAKE HIM LOOK BAD…”

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