“Wow… And Speaking of ‘Vicarious Liability???'”

Wow…  There is a lot going on so Let’s get right at it…



Wow… Baltimore City Police History
The Official Motto of the Department2869d0d600000578-3363160-image-a-18_1450299366191
Established on November 9, 1880
“Semper Paratus – Semper Fideles – Ever on the Watch”

Wow…   “SEMPER PARATUS – To fight to “SAVE”or fight and die…”
Semper fidelis – “always faithful” or “always loyal…”
And the Part of the Motto that this young officer, I believe,  failed terribly – “EVER ON THE WATCH…”
Wow…   Letmesee – What about this motto should we believe a Baltimore Police Officer is suppose to be HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR???
Letmesee – “ALL OF IT…”  I guess the JURY believed “NONE OF IT???”
And what about an officer’s “VICARIOUS LIABILITY” –
tort doctrine that imposes responsibility upon one person for the failure of another, with whom the person has a special relationship to exercise such care as a reasonably prudent person would use under similar circumstances…”  http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Vicarious+Liability
Police Officers are to be above reproach with a sincere desire to fulfill the principles of their oath and to serve…
Wow…  I believe a Police Officer has to be held RESPONSIBLE for the safety and well being of anyone that is in his/her custody – directly and indirectly…
Need I say more???
I didn’t think so…

Wow…   When I was a 2nd Lieutenant (1990-91) in the North Carolina National m107_firing_vietnam_2Guard training on Fort Bragg as a FDO with a M110.A1 Howitzer Battalion; I walked by a computation chart that was set-up wrong…  I immediately pointed out to the young Battalion FDC soldier of his error; that his computations were wrong which had all our Howitzers pointed toward Fort Bragg instead of toward the impact area…  The young soldier began to forcibly tell me that I was wrong and that he was not going to change anything because I was not in his “Direct Chain of Command…”  It was late at night and everyone was tired so bahm110I insisted that the young soldier stop immediately and call his Superior Officer but he again refused…  Because of “VICARIOUS LIABILITY” for the safety of everyone, I picked up the radio mic and yelled the command to “Stop Firing” to the “Range Control…”  Fort Bragg Range Control takes the safety of soldiers on the range very seriously and immediately shut down all firing on Fort Bragg…  For anyone who is prior military, you know how serious this situation was so needless to say From the Brigade Commander down to the that unit’s FDO – were immediately alerted…  Fort Bragg Range Control dispatched two Helicopters right over our location and I had an Colonel, pointing his finger in my face, yelling that I had better be right or it was my ASS…  I told him “Sir, I would rather be wrong and everyone was safe than to not  do or say anything and soldiers get killed…”   Long story short, I was right and potentially saved lives…  The situation was reviewed during our “After Action Review” and a safety update was put in place to prevent that situation from happen-white-phosphorus-wp-youyube-screenshoting again…  If I had not understood  “VICARIOUS LIABILITY” and the unit had fired – several soldiers  could have been hurt or killed…  Safety is all of our responsibility but more so those who are in uniform – “EVER ON THE WATCH…”

Wow…  Unfortunately, while training on Fort Sill OK (in 1989), I experienced the worst side of this story where no-one caught the mistake on a big gun and the round went way long; killing and hurting several soldiers…  I was not training with that unit but everyone in that “direct-chain-of-command” was relieved from the O-5 down to the E-5 that was on that piece because of their “Vicarious Liability…”

Wow…  justice_quote

 “Wow…  And Speaking of ‘Vicarious Liability???'”



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