“Wow… I believe that “So Goes Bill Cosby; So Goes Bill Clinton…””

Wow…  I believe the attack on “Bill Cosby” is a political move to eventually re-open the many cases of allegations of sexual misconduct again141208121102-bill-cosby-exlarge-169st “Bill Clinton…”  Unlike Bill Cosby, whose case is built on testimonial evidence of very old alleged incidents with no or at least very little official reporting; Bill Clinton’s many cases (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Clinton_sexual_misconduct_allegations#cite_note-26) were all very public resulting in many scandals – one leading to his impeachment…  I believe if the prosecution against Bill Cosby hqdefault
is allowed to stand on mere testimony of several women who did not report the alleged crime at the time it occurred, the proverbial Pandora box will be open for anyone to bring an accusation against anyone with nothing but testimonial evidence…  I believe this political move is going to open the flood gates to a lot of false bill_clinton_finger_ap_img2allegation cases… 

Wow…  As a victim of sexual assault myself,  I don’t know how anyone could not report that crime to the police at the time it happened…  I was drugged and assaulted and had to go through counseling but my perpetrator, who is a woman I had married and had annulled, was never prosecuted…

Wow…  When I was a police officer, we arrested a young college football player who had been accused of raping his girlfriend…  At trial his attorney asked her if she had ever said no before when they had rough sex and she said all the time but she did browningnot mean it… Her attorney asked her what was different that time and she said that time she meant it; His attorney asked her how was her boyfriend suppose to know the difference???  She said, she did not know but be should have known…  The case was dismissed…  Two weeks later I saw this couple together holding hands…  The judge had warned them about getting  back together again… 

Wow…  It seems that the prosecution in the Bill Cosby case is going to force his wife to testify under oath against her husband…   bill-cosby-wife-sq

Wow…  They are throwing all the Judicial rules out of the window which means they could hypothetically force Hillary to testify against Bill Clinton…   

Wow…Quentin Tarantino has been promising a release of “Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair” for years now, and now he says he’s almost ready to deliver…   http://www.slashfilm.com/kill-bill-the-whole-bloody-affair-limited-release/  Looks like this release will be timely with the height of the next proverbial trial of the decade starring the two Bills…  I am just saying…

“Wow…  I believe that “So Goes Bill Cosby; So Goes Bill Clinton…””


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