“Wow… @POTUS ISIS Aint Got Nothing on These white Satanist/Racist Domestic Terrorist who have been Spraying Poison on US(a) People, children, Food, and Pets; Because THEY Are Already HERE…”


Wow…  @POTUS  imagesCASI1FIK ISIS Aint Got Nothing on These white Satanist/Racist Domestic Terrorist who have been Spraying Poison on  US(a) People, children, Food, and Pets; Because THEY Are Already HERE…   These white Satanist/racist domestic terrorist have been spraying people on busses, in malls, in hotel rooms, in hospitals, in churches, and anywhere people gather and this guy is just a small example of all the millions of white Satanist/racist domestic terrorist that are in this Country who quickly point out ISIS but they are the worst terrorist that America has ever known; especially for black people and Mexicans and Muslims and democrats…   I have reported to the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation,Local @GPD and my local sheriff deportment about these Satanist/racist domestic terrorist whose only purpose in life is to degrade the lives of others by personally spraying poison on them, in their food in open spaces -at the state fair, at the mall, at the local festival, especially in hotels – through the shower heads and faucets… 

I am speaking from experience so maybe somebody is listening now…  These white Satanist/racist domestic terrorist are not mental (only when they get caught) they are Satanist TRYING to SCORE POINTS among their fellow Satanist/racist comrades…  These are the same people that poison city water supplies and they must be held accountable for violating ALL OF OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT – LIFE, LIBERTY, AND PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS…
These are the same Satanist/racist mentalist  that ALLOWED the rise of the like of HITLER who for no apparent reason sprayed poisonous gas on MILLIONS OF PEOPLE HE DID NOT LIKE FOR NO RATIONAL REASON IF THERE COULD BE A RATIONAL REASON FOR THAT…  So the next time you hear a white person talk against radical Islamic Muslims remind them of these Satanist/racist who spray poison on our food and our face and especially hotel rooms because they check in the room beside you spray toxic fumes through the vents in your room and spray poison solutions on you while you are in the shower and on your bed and in your face and on your ass while you sit on the toilet because the maintenance man and desk staff and cleaning staff are all Satanist/racist domestic terrorist…  justice_quoteThese are the people that side with the likes of Patriot Quarter back who believe they are special and deserve to try to destroy anyone they dislike by violating the rules…
Many people don’t understand the significance of the word “Patriot…”  For we the people of these “United states of America” it stands for the “Red, White, and (True) Blue…  So @President Obama I hope you will finally get serious about these Satanist/racist domestic terrorist who are “VIOLATING OUR CIVIL RIGHTS” COMMITTING ASSAULT AGAINST Citizens of the United States of America…  I am just saying…
Now no one is safe if you are on these Satanist/racist domestic terrorist list because you cannot trust the pizza delivery guy or any delivery guy for that matter; you can’t trust the next person you pass on the street because these Satanist/racist domestic terrorist create devices mounted in their hats, glasses, bags, lapels, or just about anything to spray poison on you




when you are not looking…  They generally work in groups with several look outs  to ensure you don’t see them commit the POISON SPRAYING ASSAULT but take it from me they slip up a lot so believe what you see if you believe you believe you either felt or saw something come from them hitting your person…  The reason they use hand sanitizer is because they are trying to neutralize their own DNA so it will not show up on a sample if it is tested BUT DNA is very hard to completely degrade… I have several samples (date/time) of DNA I have collected over the past couple years from inside my home which is where I have been sprayed the most and assaulted the most…  49639
These Satanist/racist terrorist will pay other people to transfer their poisonous spray but these RATS Are just as guilty and should be handled accordingly and anyone who knows that someone is spraying poison on USA citizens are also guilty and should be handles accordingly…
I am just saying…    

“Wow…   @POTUS ISIS Aint Got Nothing on These white Satanist/Racist Domestic Terrorist who have been Spraying Poison on  US(a) People, children, Food, and Pets; Because THEY  Are Already HERE…”


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