“Wow… The Question No-one in Orlando is willing to answer; “Whose Pulse is on the Finger – II???””


“Wow… The Question No-one in Orlando is willing to answer; “Whose Pulse is on the Finger???””  I guess I  had burned into my DNA a consciousness of  a genuine suspicion of everybody because of several event that happened to me when in US Army Basic Training in Fort Sill, Ok –  B Btry 4th Tng Bn USAFATC TRADOC TC – From 051680 To 081380…  I was a country boy from Pembroke NC when I moved to Greensboro NC in 1977 to go to school at NC A&T SU where I met my ex-wife; we married on May 10, 1980 right before I left for Basic training…  Fort Sill was very hot and several soldiers succumbed to heat stroke/exhaustion and several trainee died –  Yes I said Died…
***NEWS FLASH: SOLDIERS HAVE BEEN DYING IN TRAINING FOR A VERY LONG TIME***  We had over 28 trainees  down a road during a “forced road march” when the heat temperature quickly shot up  to over 128 degrees fahrenheit…  I personally tried to revive several trainees  but was unsuccessful and was forced to leave them on the road while going for help…  This was very traumatic for me to see several trainees die on that hot road that day unable to help them… 

Wow…  Then I was attacked in our barrack, by who I found out to be a Russian spy or at least a sympathizer, who threatened to kill me…  I fought him off then reported his action which got him arrested…   I didn’t understand why that happened to me until, not long after that, it was discovered that  a fellow trainee  that I hung out with was a Russian Spy…  I had been working with this trainee on our off  time to build what I thought was a toy rocket…  To me it was a toy that we were going to  fire up in the air like many kids had done for years… One day as we arrived back from a full day of training and we were greeted with a platoon of MPs; complete with dogs and Choppers flying overhead…  It had been discovered that the other trainee had planned to use the (toy) rocket to try to assassinate a General…  He had formulated a hand-held arm launch system which would allow him to hide the rocket under his military blouse..  I was questioned for many hours and days about what I knew about his plans…  I was honest and straight forward about what I thought he was doing but it appears he was using me as cover…  I was cleared and released…

Wow… From these traumatic events that all happened within the three months of basic training, I am eternally scared inside and out…  Back then there was nothing called PTSD; it was just a boot in your  ass and a command to get back to work…  As a result of so many trainees dying on the road that day, several members of our command were relieved or at least transferred out…  As a rule, the trainees would get a “Basic Trainee Book” but they never produced one for my class B Btry 4th Tng Bn USAFATC TRADOC TC – From 051680 To 081380…   Wow…  So now you see why I look at every situation from a least common denominator mentality; nothing happens in a vacuum…  “Wow… The Question No-one in Orlando is willing to answer; “Whose Pulse is on the Finger – II???””

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