“Wow… The Question No-one in Orlando is willing to answer; “Whose Pulse is on the Finger – III???””

Wow… What is really bothering me about this shooting and all the past shootings is how easily everyone, except Pres. Obama, pass the BUCK…
You would think at least one person in charge of our “First Line of Defense” would admit that they dropped the ball…
Most people depend on the “First Line of Defense” to protect US(a) from harm, “NOT RETREAT…” One of the first things I heard OPD say on the news was we retreated…
Letmesee, OPD had a gun;
OPD had a Bullet Proof vest – and before you start talking about OPD vest will not stop AR-15 rounds – figure it out;
and OPD should have had the advantage because after last call all the lights should be on and all entrance doors should be locked…
I listened to a parent talk about his dead daughter – yes I said his dead daughter – and his hesitation to letting her go out that night…   If he thinks like most parents, the first thing you think about is does the club have security???  If the place you are going to let precious go to has a Uniform Officer for security, any parent will feel more comfortable… Also every parent believes that if anything kicks off, the Uniform Police Officer will defend their children to the death… The one thing they really don’t want to hear is that the Uniform Police Office retreated to safety leaving their child to fend for themselves…
What happened to “NOT ON MY WATCH???”
What happened to “cover and concealment between the threat and precious???”
And on this I agree with Mr. Trump, if they don’t do what they are getting paid to do, “DON’T PAY THEM…”  AND ESPECIALLY DON’T REWARD THEM WITH STATE OF EMERGENCY TAXPAYERS DOLLARS when they are zero for two events…
Wow…  I am just saying… OPD loses one entertainer on Friday night and 49 others the next night; not to mention all the injuried…
“What about this was a good job???”
God forbid that it is discovered that some of them were shot by OPD…
Wow…  And to top it all off, OPD is pointing the finger to ISIS, to the FBI, and to the shooter but no-one has ever said, “We dropped the ball…”
So now you see why I look at every situation from a least common denominator mentality; nothing happens in a vacuum…
“Wow… The Question No-one in Orlando is willing to answer; “Whose Pulse is on the Finger – III???””


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