Wow… If you accidently kill someone (like the OPD nonchalantly said they probably KILLED some of the patrons  of the Pulse club) who attack you,  claim a Zimmerman defense…
Hell,  Florida gave ZIMMERMAN  a PASS and set a standard for the entire country…
So from now on, if anyone is attacked and kill the attacker just claim the “ZIMMERMAN RULE;” especially if you are in Florida…
Hey and if you are denied the right to buy an ASSAULT RIFLE,  claim out loud the “ZIMMERMAN RULE…”
Florida gave ZIMMERMAN back his guns and his license to carry concealed (WOW); because even Zimmerman used the “ZIMMERMAN RULE…”
Hell, Florida with that single act –  signed, sealed, and delivered the “ZIMMERMAN RULE…”
So I am never going back to DISNEY – DISNEY is guilty by association …
Hell, look at all the sh_t that is happening in Florida because of the “ZIMMERMAN RULE..” Florida gave the latest so-called terrorist (who I call a domestic terrorist – born in America) who killed all the poor LBGTQ club goers in MICKEY’S Backyard all his guns back and MADE it possible for him to buy MASS KILLING WEAPONS…
So if MICKEY aint going to say nothing about it, I am telling all my BLACK BROTHAS and SISTAS; gay and straight, Christian and MUSLIM, not to go back to DISNEY because of the “ZIMMERMAN RULE…”
Now most white people agree with the “ZIMMERMAN RULE” especially white preachers because they HAVEN”T SAID A THING AGAINST IT…
Wow… So Mickey will have guest, because white people agree with the “ZIMMERMAN RULE…” Wow…


“Partnering to
fight crime for a safer Greensboro…”

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